Step 5: Prep the Board for the New Jack.

Clean up all that nasty solder residue by "mopping" the area with some absorbent braid. It works just like a towel, but for molten metal. Isn't that a fun concept to contemplate?

Use flux, and hold the braid far enough back that you don't burn your fingers. Copper is a very good heat conductor!
Hi! Great instructions! I was intent to getting a ricochet unit and following your instruction convert the antenna but guess what, somebody just sold a bunch with antennas already modified! I'm thinking of using the GT with a GPS unit that communicates in serial. However, the GT interface cable is usb! Is the conversion process a matter of figuring out the pinouts or something else. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Both of the second-generation modems (the 128kbps, GS and GT) can run in USB or RS232 mode depending on which cable you plug in.<br/><br/>GT modem connector pinout is here:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://ricochet.wikispaces.com/Hardware">http://ricochet.wikispaces.com/Hardware</a><br/>
I want one! Is there a cheaper place to buy them other than Ebay? Most sellers on Ebay want ~$25 shipped for the older phase I modems, and ~$30 for the phase II, most without cables. Times two.
I'm sorry, not phase two, but generation two modems. (IE the USB ones, models 21100 and 21131, which support 128Kbps)
What <em>is</em> a ricochet radio modem?<br/>
It's just like a regular modem, but without the phone line. You dial, the other modem rings, they connect, you move data. It just happens over RF instead of twisted pair. And it happens faster, typically 100-200kbps. <br/><br/>I should probably make that clearer in the intro, thank you for pointing it out. There's a <a rel="nofollow" href="http://ricochet.wikispaces.com/ModemBasics">ModemBasics</a> page on the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://ricochet.wikispaces.com">Ricochet hackers' wiki</a>, which I'm working on expanding. <br/>
Cool. You have no idea how useful that link was for a project of mine.
Do tell! In private, if necessary. ;)

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