Step 8: Final words and a few advices

Picture of Final words and a few advices
Use plain Aluminum or stainless steel only: do not used painted tin as I did for my cookie cutters as heat here would transfer paint or finishing on your meal!
Try to avoid elaborate shapes: details will not show up
The toaster makes the difference: the larger the heating resistance the more uniform the drawing will be; try smaller bread slices or larger prongs (and toaster)
When you are tired of a shape, just remove it and do another one.

A final one: you don't need a toaster at all: just lay the Aluminum shapes on a pan and put your bread slices on it or, even better, use a press toaster.
You can also print a slice of meat.

Buon appetito !
lol works
CrazySheep5 years ago
I would come to your house JUST for the toast!! I'll try to get permission to do this XD
This looks great! I was wondering could this be done with regular household tin foil?
Yong20105 years ago
Very Cool!!

wouldnt the aluminum sheet in which you used to make the print on the toast cause the toaster to explode or something since metal shouldnt be in the toaster?


(btw this is awesome)
5Volt (author)  RandomTeeVee5 years ago
It would be great if it could explode : that would be even more fun !
Well no, just kidding. Of course your comment is appropriate as nothing should be put inside the toaster except what is supposed to. The issue can be approached safely though if the sheet is placed carefully (inside the prongs and not outside as an example). I think that the intructions and some common sense can make a good safe "pac man" toaster. Again, we're dealing with high voltage and help from some knowledgeable friend must be welcome .
Thank you
cvill5 years ago
This is more hard core!
There is a guy in japan who makes art on his toast. Uses aluminum foiland an oven toaster though.
PENIX8 years ago
I think most mode I see are stupid, but this one is a definite exception.
adnimo PENIX5 years ago
But eh.. you only get half a toast...
adnimo adnimo5 years ago
Using thinner aluminum you should be able to get a better toast, albeit less clear finish but a better toast nonetheless, which is why you're toasting the bread to begin with.
m1n1j1mmy6 years ago
awesome 10/10 mine was a eeyore lol