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    Thank so much for this Instructable! I used the same premise as you, but was using my previous iPhone 4/4s padded mount with passthrough connector. I used the 30-pin to Lightning adapter cable, and used two layers of 5/16" tubing on that, and then followed up by filling the voids with hot glue inside.

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    Also -- if you want to see my complete project, do a search in the iPhone 5 forums at Macrumours for ProClip..

    Thanks for the link in your post, and for anyone that wants to see yours, click the link below.

    Nice job using the extended adapter.

    I have both coming, the extended one and the compact one.
    The extended one looked better for when I am traveling in rentals and the compact one looked the best to mod the cradle.  I mite have to change the color to black so it blends in.

    Thanks for the link and please place one of your votes for my hack. 

    Cool, Mine is working great. If I had looked at my current one that had a 30 pin passthru and seen that it could be removed, I would have used it.

    My Lightning to 30 pin adapter is waiting for me when I get home. Of the two cradles I am going to mod one to hold this adapter. I will post that Instructable later this month.

    Have my radio back in control of my iPod in my iPhone, YEA!

    I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of these types of mods soon... is the new iphone the same width as the last one?

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    amandaghassaei, Yes the width is close enough it fits in to this companies last years car cradle well and this years a little wiggle room front to back (maybe 1-2mm). But with the Lightning connector mounted this way makes it hold well, very little to no movement.