Step 8: Wire the new ballast

There is a drawing on the ballast how to connect it. Key for the letters :

L / P / wave - is called Live. It is the wire with 240 or 110 volt on it. It is brown in most new installations around the world / black in the US / blue in most installations in Israel / red in many old installations in Israel

N / 0 - is called Neutral. It is the wire with 0 volt on it. It is blue in most new installations around the world / white in the US / black in most installations in Israel

E / reversed tree - is called Earth. It is another wire with 0 volt on it but with different task. If present it should be connected to the metallic tray of the fixture (and only to it). It is green or green / yellow striped in most installations around the world and white in some very old installations in Israel

Standard magnetic ballasts are all connected the same way. Connect Neutral to one pin of the lamp. Connect wire from other pin of the lamp to one entry of the ballast. Connect the other entry of the ballast to Live.

In some ballasts 2 entries are marked as L and P. In this case the rule is : connect the lamp as shown and then connect Live to the other entry - NOT the one with the lamp

In some ballasts there is capacitor shown on the Live connection and a wire that bypasses it. This means the capacitor is optional. We will connect Live straight to the ballast without capacitor in the way (and connect another capacitor another way)

I used one of the 36 w ballasts as a connection point for the wires (instead of a terminal block)

Be sure to connect the wires to 2 entries (and not both to one) on the 9 w ballast. Connecting the lamp without a ballast in the path of the current will blow it

Connect the power wire to the source