great new style new performance looks like a real gun now lol!
click here to see my new Sniper Rifle

Step 1: The "sling" Sorta...

just follow the steps and youll add this to the end of the gun later

Step 2: Do This, Easy!

follow the steps in building one thing dont try to build each one!

Step 3: Do This, Again Same Thing Just Different

make these

Step 4: Mod Twist...

just to show you my twist on his mod...

Step 5: Finishing Up...

attach everything and add the center rod.
i made the gun but i think i but i think i put the trigger in wrong because it i put 2 rbs on it it will shoot both of them can u give me a better pic on the trigger?
here is the trigger mech
it took u that long to show me the pic i took that gun apart along time ago
Yes I think this gun is pretty cool and looks good. #1 reply!!!

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