Picture of Mod the Halo PC Assault Rifle into the Halo 3 Version
How to mod the Halo PC Assault Rifle (MA5B ICWS) in to the Halo 3 version (MA5C ICWS) which is more accurate, has a different sized clip, and a different reticle (also known as "crosshairs"), among many other things. They are actually different guns in the Halo universe, with the Halo 3 Assault Rifle being an upgraded version. For this Instructable you will need:

Halo PC - NOT Xbox, although you can mod Xbox maps, I don't know how.
Halo Map Tools - Used for editing stuff in maps. NOT 3D stuff (you do that in other programs, not covered in this Instructable), just physics, weapon stats, etc. Can be downloaded here.
Halo Map Switcher - Backup your maps, restore maps, check if maps are modded, stuff like that. Download here.
Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 or later - You must have this or HMT will not work. Download here.

Optional: (for changing the reticle)
Photoshop - Along with the Photoshop DDS plugin, which is attached. It may be possible to use GIMP instead, but I don't use it so I wouldn't know.
Photoshop DDS Plugin - Allows you to edit DDS files (halo textures).



Yes, this is important enough to have a step just for itself. It will save you from having to reinstall Halo every time you want to revert back to normal, because of errors you caused when modding or just wanting the original maps back.

Install all that stuff I told you to get in the intro, and then open up Halo Map Switcher (referred to as HMS from now on).

Click the blue Backup All Maps button. This will copy every map from your Halo program files folder and put them in a folder called mapsbackup in the Halo program files folder. When you want to restore a map to its original state the easy way (instead of re-entering weapon stats, etc.) select a map from the drop-down list and click restore.
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i dident backup my maps, but still had the disk and reinstalled but the mods are still there any suggestions...?
Aeshir (author)  Psychic Master5 years ago
Suggestions for what?
to get rid of the corrupted file, whenever i open HMT it re-installs the mods that corrupted the file in the first place and i have tried to re-install halo and HMT but nothing works...
I haven't tried but what should work is if you download a program called ccleaner and use it to uninstall the game because after any program is uninstalled using ccleaner it scans your computer for files and items in the registry left over by the uninstalled program and gives you the option to delete them. After you uninstall it and then remove all left over files you should be able to reinstall it without having any of the corrupted files.
thank you i hadn't thought of that i actually already had that installed on my computer :0
jrdur72775 years ago
i'm stupid, I forgot to backup my maps back when I first started modding, and kinda lost the cd, so.. BACKUP YOUR MAPS BACKUP YOUR MAPS BACKUP YOUR MAPS BACKUP YA DANG MAPS
Aeshir (author)  jrdur72775 years ago
Just pirate the game, you already payed for it. You won't be able to play online, though.
What's the difference between halo maping tools and halo hacker tools
Aeshir (author)  Halomaster2225 years ago
Uhhhh...I can't remember. It's been so long sicne I used either.
RelaxedSoup6 years ago
If you're dumb and didn't back up your maps, there's a way to recover them without reinstalling. Just browse your Halo CD and open the folder labeled "FilesCab". In there are all the map files in small archives, open them with WinRAR and extract the map(s) you need.
Okay, it is telling me that,"Controls cannot be displayed, because a supported tag has not been selected." Any tips?
SonicX 226 years ago
look at this if u want me to post instructions just say so:
Picture 9.pngPicture 10.pngPicture 11.pngPicture 12.pngPicture 13.pngPicture 14.png
HUD not included.
Aeshir (author)  SonicX 226 years ago
SonicX 226 years ago
i found out that the clip in the ma5c assault rifle is "32" and it does shoot slower but it has more power i am sorta a halo expert. Story how halo began: Long time ago (2 years ago)on xfire i saw that most of my friends play Halo so i got Halo trial it was fun then i got a new computer and Halo came with it and the best part is it was the full version and then came across Halo 2. I dont own it but my friend has Halo 1 and 2 every saturday i go to his house and play halo 2 and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. My friends got a xbox 360 but he cant get halo 3 cuz its too violent. The End wow that was BIG!
what website ! , where can u download the mapsies =S
email me and i will send them to you feralpygmy@yahoo.com.au
Aeshir (author)  jabbathegut17 years ago
I know how to do it with xbox.
Aeshir (author)  cstrike pwner6 years ago
Sweet! Make an Instructable then. I you need any help, I could help you :D
I WOULD make an instructable, but the game is so scrached NOTHING WORKS. (BTW I do have an xbox and game but the game can only load the main menu.)( yes, the coolest game of all time is scrached beyond repair)
Aeshir (author)  cstrike pwner6 years ago
... I don't get it.
Aeshir (author)  cstrike pwner6 years ago
Your Halo disc.
Oh, i will try to make work and get an instructable as soon as i can. BTW the clip size is still the same.
sailabill7 years ago
Im not sure what i did to get it to work, but as soon as i figure it out, ill let ya know. aslo, i dont have photoshop, but i downloaded gimp. it doesnt work for the steps given, so what should i do for that, and if you dont know. how would i change it to a different retcle, like the pistol or somehting else?
Aeshir (author)  sailabill7 years ago
I searched Google and found this. It's DDS plugin for GIMP. Click Download and click the first win32 binaries in the list. I don't have GIMP installed at the moment, but if you have any trouble with it let me know, I can install it off one of my Ubuntu CDs whenever I want. Make sure you read the instructions for the plugin.
ok, so what I did so that the mod worked was that I clicked the save button in after I did ever mod. the reticle thing isn't worken for me, I'm not sure why, but I get an error message sayen that it isn't a valid win32 application. I did the plug in exactly as the instructions said, so I don't know
Aeshir (author)  sailabill7 years ago
Really? I never have to do that. You're opening the file in Winzip or a similar archive application, right? I recommend getting 7Zip. It's free, easy to use, and opens pretty much every archive type. After that, copy the DDS.exe to your gimp plugins folder. Make sure you read the ReadMe. They're there for a reason.
I downloaded 7Zip (I had the same problem) BUT I dont know what to do now... I still cant download programs because of the win32 file. Reply plz.
Aeshir (author)  Bloodthirstaid7 years ago
I answered that guy's question a long time ago. Can you fully explain the problem you're having? This is a complicated topic.
joehadac7 years ago
lug big lug7 years ago
this is NOTHING (but I still like it) I have a fully atomatic misssle launcher that shoots as fast as the assault rifle and holds as much ammo as the assault rifle,my wart hog goes double the speed, i can walk on walls, and i can jump higher than the top boundy! it is reallllllllyyyyyyyy cool, i am working on an instructible right now. and how do you take screen shots during halo, i need to know so i can take pics of me doing that. (also srry about the message being so long=)
Aeshir (author)  lug big lug7 years ago
Cool. I've done lotsa stuff with the hog speed, it's so hard to keep control of it at high-speed eh? One little bump and WEEEE! *goes over cliff* "Oh, hello gravity!"

I've also made the rocket launcher and assault rifle shoot rapid fire rockets. The reason this Instructable doesn't have those sorts of things is because it is specifically made for cloning the MA5C from Halo 3.

As for taking screenshots, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard, then paste it in Paint or Photoshop or something. Also, in the Halo Help file, there is a section with command prompt commands, one of which enables you to press that same key while playing Halo and it will take a screenshot of the game and put it in a folder called screenshots in the Halo main directory. I've never used it though, I've only ever needed to take screenshots in this game while doing this Instructable. If you don't know how to do command prompt commands, just google it.

Also, I'd be willing to do a collaboration with you for a Halo modding Instructable, although I just got a 360 for Christmas and I'll be borrowing Splinter Cell: Double Agent from a friend (i'm a splinter cell freak), so I may be busy for a while.

Great to hear from someone who uses Instructables and mods. Perfect combination :D
Deus Aeshir7 years ago
try increasing the deceleration of the warthog, then you should be able to control it better. i'm using halo for mac, but not all of the fun mods are compatible. thats a shame...
Aeshir (author)  Deus7 years ago
We're just fooling around with it, the more dangerous it is, the better!
sevreral things i wold like to ask you 1:wheres is the print screen button thinggy 2:i am willing to collaborate in making a "how to" etc... 3: check your instructibles inbox for my e-mail so we can send each other the items needed to collaborate.
Thank You for replying.
P.S. i use a program to do the halo cheats=)(=
Aeshir (author)  lug big lug7 years ago
1. To the right of F12, or above the section of keys that include page up/down. 2. I mean a Collaboration, not just collaborating. A collaboration is when you have multiple people that can edit an instructable. I use a program too, you have to, it's not like you can just open it up in notepad. And they're not cheats, it's editing the game files. Cheats are built into games by the developers. Since I got my 360, I've stopped modding (I have better things to do now), but I'm still willing to help with an Instructable.
ok thank you i found it, what is your program name the program i use is halo map tools v3.5, and i can do the moding and creating the instructible all i need is the pictures b/c when i tried it the halo pics came out really pixly (or however you spell that word) so i deleted them (if you have the same mods i have=)
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