Mod the Mini ZT456 Gun Into Airsoft Pistol





Introduction: Mod the Mini ZT456 Gun Into Airsoft Pistol

Credit to bunduk for the original Mini ZT456!
Credit to extreme builder for the mag!

This is a mod of the Mini ZT456 Kn'ex gun!  Stop complaining about bad pics, I'm not showing you how to make the gun, you must FIRST build the kn'ex gun and then use this to mod it.

Fires 6mm airsofts and bbs.

1. Gun w/ out mag
2. W/ mag

Step 1: Make the Magazine

Very easy.

Step 2: Firing Pin and Barrel Start

1. Take off front of barrel
2. Edit firing pin

Step 3: New Barrel

1. Add these,
2. & 3. Make this,
4. Attach like this.

Step 4: Make Pump

1. & 2. Make this,
3. Attach like this.

Step 5: Using Mag

1. & 2. Attach like this.

Step 6: Rubber Bands

Then you just need to add rubber bands where appropriate. You should know how to work it.

Have fun and be safe!



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    38 Discussions

    mine doesn't shoot at all it just stops right before the bb :,(

    clipping a tan connector into the grey clip on the barrel will stop sight rotation.

    actually, add thick rubberbands to the ram rod, and it gives recoil

    the ammo is too small to give recoil, try building a regular TAS gun and firing a grey rod from it with large bands, then you get recoil.