Picture of Mod the Mini ZT456 gun into airsoft pistol
Credit to bunduk for the original Mini ZT456!
Credit to extreme builder for the mag!

This is a mod of the Mini ZT456 Kn'ex gun!  Stop complaining about bad pics, I'm not showing you how to make the gun, you must FIRST build the kn'ex gun and then use this to mod it.

Fires 6mm airsofts and bbs.

1. Gun w/ out mag
2. W/ mag

Step 1: Make the magazine

Picture of Make the magazine
Very easy.
bilaliscool3 years ago
NOT A good weapon not goot accurity!!
my english is bad:P
dwksideas4 years ago
is this a block trigger or a true one?
musicman432 (author)  dwksideas4 years ago
It is a true trigger.
cool thanks
Metalbox4 years ago
mine doesn't shoot at all it just stops right before the bb :,(
NJL4JC4 years ago
Very cool.
a10lover4 years ago
on the second pic, what is the piece that looks sorta pink?
musicman432 (author)  a10lover4 years ago
On which step?
too late, I already found out
these are easy clear instructions
An Villain5 years ago
clipping a tan connector into the grey clip on the barrel will stop sight rotation.
Tom Buckey6 years ago
ta daaaaar :{D
DSCF0218[1](3296x2472) 1 MB
well done.
its a bit big the pic
Raiden976 years ago
i love the recoil in this gun
NYPA Raiden975 years ago
Raiden97 NYPA5 years ago
when the gun kicks back
NYPA Raiden975 years ago
Ha ha! funny. K'NEX guns don't give recoil.
Raiden97 NYPA5 years ago
actually, add thick rubberbands to the ram rod, and it gives recoil
the ammo is too small to give recoil, try building a regular TAS gun and firing a grey rod from it with large bands, then you get recoil.
NYPA Raiden975 years ago
Raiden97 NYPA5 years ago
its hard to explain, just do it
smattman226 years ago
do i make the gun part from scratch?
musicman432 (author)  smattman225 years ago
Soz, I havn't gotten on here alot this summer! Yea, you make the gun part from ashinflame's 'ible and then you use this one to mod it.
sliceofpain6 years ago
wat is the blue peice by the grays?
a spacer
no the one under it but I finished this along time ago. thanks anyways! i got owned with this at a airsoft war i sucked :P
well it's a metallic gray connector
These are terrible instructions, I give up,
smattman226 years ago
can you post better pics? on step 2 get waaayyy more angles
Tom Buckey6 years ago
how far does yours shoot with the pump because mine shot obout 30cm so i took the pump off and it shoot around 15-20ft i also made it a shoulder rest thingy but im not quit shure what its called. ill post some pics and tell me what u think
musicman432 (author)  Tom Buckey6 years ago
You have to use the pump like a real pump - pull it back, then push it forward. Then it should work right.
musicman432 (author)  musicman4326 years ago
Oh yeah, and the "shoulder rest thingy" is called a stock...if you could post some pics that would be great.
Tom Buckey6 years ago
its just the same just a different barrel and scope thing on it
musicman432 (author)  Tom Buckey6 years ago
No it's not! It shoots airsofts and bbs and it has a pump on top!
soz about dissing it but i made it and showed my mates and they were lyk ":O tht amazing" and btw i already shot bb out of it without the mod
bunduk6 years ago
cool i like it but you should ask me first ; )
musicman432 (author)  bunduk6 years ago
Sorry. I wasn't sure if I should or not. :( Thanks for letting me know, though!