Picture of Mod halo pc to make you walk on walls!!!
When your halo skillz just aren't enough...

using a simple mod, enable walking on walls for halo pc. just download some software, and check some boxes!

Step 1: Downloads...

you just need to download hmt 3.5
you can get it here
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SonicX 226 years ago
basicaly walking on walls is almost likes climbing up or down a ladder PS: if u guys r wonderin what the heck my avatar is then heres a pic PSS: This is halo 1 not halo CE or halo 2
Picture 3.png
Umm... Where did you get the Battle Rifle mod?
get the battle rifle mod on http://www.halodemomods.com/wiki/File:Battle_Rifle.zip
and if u liked this post i have tons of more mods on my website for the 145 clan.
My name on halo trial is Beast145 and i have an epic mod clan and all u gotta do to join is name ur guy on halo trial ______145 and then go to 145clan.webs.com and sign up as a member and u can request mods or browse lots of posted mods which has almost every mod ever and hacks and tools.
Halo 2 Mod for halo trial
Do you know of any way to fix the ammo counter so that it doesn't look like that?
yes there is a way but i screwed it up
Oh, well... You still did a great jib with the model.
umm yeah thats just the thing. Its not my model... its from a Halo mod called: Halo 2 Mod For Trial V2
Oh sorry, I thought you were I'mBrokeAreU.
i would be lucky if i was XD and GUYS CMON 1 MORE COMMENT ON ME AND YOU WILL BE MY 200TH COMMENT!!!
Wow, congratulations. Your 200th comment.
AnarchistAsian (author)  SonicX 226 years ago
well kinda, but not really, when you walk on walls, your feet stick to everything, and when you walk up a wall, other players see you sideways stuck to a wall
yea ur right
kewlbanana5 years ago
You are a god.
 thanx that was AWESOME It really helped me
Okay, it is telling me that,"Controls cannot be displayed, because a supported tag has not been selected." Any tips?
AnarchistAsian (author)  Landon Sullivan6 years ago
ok, did you click on a tag in the left column? Those tags are like categories for what you want to mod.
Yes, I did try that. If by clicking on a tag, you mean selecting an item. (for example, effects/weapons/assault rifle/fire bullet).
Could it be because I'm using Windows 2000?
AnarchistAsian (author)  Landon Sullivan6 years ago
i'm using windows 2000 too
You are? Cause in the pictures, the OS looks like XP and Vista.
AnarchistAsian (author)  Landon Sullivan6 years ago
oh wait, haha nevermind, that's my other computer, but if it can run HMT at all, then that's not the problem
Hm...Then does anybody have any idea what is wrong?
AnarchistAsian (author)  Landon Sullivan6 years ago
yeah, weird, when you do that it should bring up the controls...
Derin6 years ago
mine says file not found!
Derin Derin6 years ago
what do i do
AnarchistAsian (author)  Derin6 years ago
what says file not found???
AnarchistAsian (author)  Derin6 years ago
no, i mean which file are you talking about??? the folder that says bipd? well, i was doing this on the halo trial, so maybe that's why...
maps/bloodgulch.map I was also doing trial
AnarchistAsian (author)  Derin6 years ago
are you using linux? did you follow step 2?
I use windows and I followed step 2.MAybe i have to extract hmt...
Derin Derin6 years ago
No,doesn't work...
AnarchistAsian (author)  Derin6 years ago
it's not maps/bloodgulch.map, it's bloodgulch.map
what do you mean,there is no bloodgulch anywhere except maps
AnarchistAsian (author)  Derin6 years ago
nevermind, i misunderstood your comment at first, i don't know what's wrong
Xinos6 years ago
How do i open that stuff in hmt?
AnarchistAsian (author)  Xinos6 years ago
by clicking "open"
quick! 4 more comments until 4000!
AnarchistAsian (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
wait, me, or you?
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