Mod your 4.0 Wii to play back ups, install homebrew, and load from usb, all without a mod chip!

Picture of Mod your 4.0 Wii to play back ups, install homebrew, and load from usb, all without a mod chip!
So you upgraded to 4.0 before installing the homebrew channel?
Tried the twilight hack but it failed? Yeah that exploit was fixed in 4.0

This guide will allow you to install homebrew channel and downgrade to 3.2 to get rid of all of nintendos hack blocking, then return to a modified unlocked system menu 4.0.
From there you can do everything, run back ups, load from usb, play dvds etc.

This is only for North American and European wii's ONLY!!!

This will not work on korean or japanese wii's This will not work on your Wii if its serial number starts with LU64 or LU65 or anything higher

I must state that you are following this instrucatable of your own violation, there is always the possibility of bricking your Wii. I take no responsibility for your actions and do not encourage piracy if/when these features in your Wii are activated.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
all cards.jpg

Things you will need.
A Wii.
A PC with internet access.
An SD card.

For loading iso from usb:
A usb hard drive (flash, ssd, sata, pata they all work)
For back ups:
A dvd burner in your pc

Step 2: Format

Picture of Format
Format the SD card to Fat32

Step 3: Unplug all gamecube controllers and memory cards.

Picture of Unplug all gamecube controllers and memory cards.
Unplug all gamecube controllers and memory cards.

Unplug all gamecube controllers and memory cards.

Unplug all gamecube controllers and memory cards.

Unplug all gamecube controllers and memory cards.

Step 4: Bannerbomb

Picture of Bannerbomb
Download the bannerbomb exploit from here.
Follow all of the bannerbomb instructions and you will have the home brew channel on your 4.0 Wii!!

If this doesn't work for you, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait for a new exploit.
I've heard that one is being worked on that uses SSBB, but it hasn't been released yet

What can you do with the homebrew channel you ask?
Play games, play video and audio, and various other activities!

More information can be found here a list of Homebrew games is here.

Do not pay for homebrew or the homebrew channel

If you have a wifi enabled Wii I suggest this.

Step 5: If your Wii is connected to the internet via wifi do this step (version 1)

Unlock more features like usb loading, running back ups, etc.

Your Wii must be connected to the internet via wifi, if you are not connected try step 6 (version 2)

Download the files at this link and put the apps folder and hack.conf folder on your sd card

1. Put the SD card in your wii, and go to the homebrew channel, install cIOS36 rev13 using Network install mode.

2. Downgrade system IOS files using IOS Downgrader

3. Downgrade to 3.2 using cIOS Downgrader even if you are already on 3.2 run this

4. Run the 4.0 Updater

5. Run the IOS60 updater
say NO to install IOS61
say YES to install IOS60
say YES to patch IOS60
say NO to install the shop channel

6. Install preloader. On the install screen press 1

7. Unplug your Wii to power cycle it. In preloader hacks enable "Skip disc update check" and "region free"

8. Move on to step 8 if this worked for you If it didn't go to step 6 and try that.

Step 6: Use this if your wii is not connected to the internet via wifi (version 2)

Offline installs take the longest amount of time. When I first modded my Wii this is the method I originally used.

To answer this question now, merge or replace everything when your pc asks you the "what do you want to do with these files" prompt

1. Down load the files from this link.

2. Extract them to a folder on your desktop (or anywhere convenient to you)
A. Run prepare.bat
B. Choose the number for system menu 3.2,
I am in the USA so I chose 289 (the e is for Europe, u is for United States, j is for Japan)
C. Wait for everything to download.

3. Open the folder
A. Move the contents of SD on to your SD card
(do no just move the folders you have to move the contents)
B. Now move all of the rest of the contents of the folder onto your SD card.

4. Put the SD card in your Wii and open the homebrew channel
A) Run CMDVDX35 and choose Downgrade IOS35. It might say network error just ignore it and choose Exit
B) Run WAD Manager choose IOS35 and install IOS35-64-v1040.wad then restart

5. Run WAD-Manager_v1.4 choose IOS35 and install cios_fix.wad then restart

6. Run cIOS36_rev10-Installer and choose WAD Installation

7. Run WAD-Manager again. Choose IOS249 and install WADs 01-18

8. While still in WAD Manager install SystemMenuv###.wad

9. Run preloaderv0.29-cred and press 1 to install

10. Hold reset while powering on to access preloader and set preloader settings. In preloader hacks enable "Skip disc update check" and "enable region free" save these settings and press B to exit to the preloader menu and select top option of "systemmenu" with A to get to your Wii menu.


This will install a modified version of system menu 4.0, it will retain all the functionality of the older system menus but also give you the SD card menu for more VC/WiiWare/Channels

Download the files here and here.

1. Unzip them

2. Open the Firmware Updater and rename the file Firmware-Updater_4.0.dol to boot.dol

3. Get your SD card from your Wii and put it in your PC

4. Copy and paste the Firmware updater and IOS60 installer folders into the apps folder on your SD card

5. Put the SD card back in your wii and open up the Homebrew channel

6. Go to Firmware Updater and install it.

7. Return to the Homebrew Channel and install IO60 installer
say NO to install IOS61
say YES to install IOS60
say YES to patch IOS60
say NO to install the shop channel

8. Return to the Homebrew Channel and reinstall preloader.

9. Move on to step 8 if this worked for you
If it didn't go to step 7 and try that

Some parts of this were taken from GBATEMP forums.
There are additional instructions on how to get backups to play in the disk channel on this page.

Step 7: Last resort hack (version 3)

Only use this method if the first one didn't work, I have not tried it myself, and I am not sure it will unlock all features. I do know that it will enable you to run games from a USB drive.

Your Wii must be connected to the internet via wifi.

1. Download these files:
Wad manager

2. Unzip 4.0NoCIOSFix and put the apps and wad folders onto the root of your SD Card

3. Unzip the WAD Manager 1.4 file open it and rename WAD-Manager_v1.4.dol to boot.dol, take that folder and place it in the apps folder on your SD card. Do the same with CIOS36_rev10,
re-name the file called cIOS36_rev10-Installer.dol to boot.dol and put that folder in the apps folder.

4. Put the sd card in your wii and go to the homebrew channel

5. Run CMDVDX34 to downgrade your IOS and exit when finished

6. Run the WAD Manager 1.4 and install IOS35.wad if it fails thats ok

7. Run the WAD Manager 1.4 again and set it to IOS35 and use it to install CIOSv7.wad

8. From the homebrew channel run CIOS36_rev10 and install it.

9. Download and install preloader.

10. If this worked move on to step 8.
If this didn't work sorry but I don't think you will be able to hack your Wii.

Step 8: Load from USB, Stream video, play dvds, play back ups.

I have to give props to Solderguy he wrote a great instructable on how to load from usb and inspired me to write this one.
Here is the link

I prefer usbloader gx which you can read about here and download from here. It has a much nicer interface.

This is a link to an instructable that will tell you how to stream video

This link is to an instructable on how to play backups:

Installing DVDx and any of the media players available will enable DVD playback

Step 9: Done

Picture of Done
Congratulations! You have expanded the capabilities of your Wii!

If you have a hacks.ini file on your SD card do not delete it. Other than that you can delete everything on the sd card except the apps folder, but while everything in the wad folder you can delete for now, you may want to keep the folder itself if you plan on putting anything on the Wii menu itself like Wiiware/VC or custom channels.
As for whats in the apps folder, you can delete everything, but I suggest keeping Wad manager. This folder is where you put homebrew that you download, a safe source for homebrew.
Your Wii may have created a private folder you may or may not keep this its up to you. If you have saved any Wiiware/VC games to the SD card this is where your wii has kept it.


I must state that you have followed this instrucatable of your own violation, if you bricked your Wii I'm sorry for you, but I take no responsibility for your actions. Once again I do not encourage piracy if this was successful for you.
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fobot4 years ago
Check out wiibrew.org. You should not be downgrading your system for any reason, you can easily make it a brick.
phlum fobot3 years ago
This. Don't risk it for a biscuit, especially if biscuits aren't actually involved.
slimshaddy4 years ago
and how do you do that
Glover245 years ago
ca you use banner bomb on Ver. 4.3???
Unfortunately not, trust me, I have tried. There are only two ways to install homebrew on 4.3, and those are knowns as indiana pwns and smash stack. If enough interest is shown, I can post an 'ible on how to do it with indiana pwns.
menimore45 years ago
I am a newbie will any of this stuff work or harm my wii? And is it ok if Im using a 256 mb sd card? And what if I dont have wifi for my wii? Can I still get the homebrew channel and can I get a virus by doing any of this stuff? thanks a bunch
Unlock Wii5 years ago
Nice Tutorial Mate!.

can you re up load the link
akinich5 years ago
hey nice instructable
i have a question for you
i have a wii and it has a mod chip in it
can i do this if the mod chip is still inside?
will this damage my wii if there is a mod chip inside it when i do this
matstermind5 years ago
i get ERROR ret-2011 how do i fix this?
  thanks! I had tried a hack before but it didnt work this one works very well 
putje675 years ago
Is there a new URL for the link  in step 5 which no longer works?

thx !

dmastachief5 years ago
plz post another link to online files
maxpower495 years ago
link is dead
I havn't tried this but the softmii pack has some stuff you can try using in it
J Rock5 years ago
link is dead... help?
derl5 years ago
Will i be able to play other region games with this guide? Thanks in advance, Derl
aksmak15 years ago
u only format the card to FAT32 if your sd card is 4gb or higher, other wise 2gb n lower is FAT16
howboutit5 years ago
I have updated the 4.1 prior to this. I tried to get the files from the link to no avail. Anyway the files can be made available again. Im hooked up wirelessly. I tried running it from step six but keep getting hung up. Thanks
msa825 years ago
Im haveing trouble with step 5, when i try to install cios_fix.wad it says error (ret=-1035) could you please help with this.
B3Brawler5 years ago
Hi there. My wii is on 4.1 and the current IOS is 36. I think you're link is broken so I downloaded all of the other apps individually but I can't get the cIOS36 rev13 installer anywhere. Suggestions?
sweetsak6 years ago
Download link is not Working.. Could you please Check and update us.. Thanks
fix the link please
nikos00826 years ago
Up to step 5 everything was fine. It patched IOS60 then it says Found new-school ES hash check @ 0x5eaa, patching. Download complete. Installing to title 00000001-0000003c...1...|: ES_AddContectStart(000000010000003c, 0) failed: -1017 install returned -1 installation complete! something failed. sorry. press any key t quit. any ideas or help would be great! thanks
wizzim6 years ago
Sorry im posting so many comments but im a little confused. Whats the point of doing any of the steps (5-7) does that let you be able to load usb drives?
p0tty (author)  wizzim6 years ago
It is clearly stated in the instructable. Please read the instructable before asking questions.
wizzim p0tty6 years ago
Oh sorry, my eyes just skipped over the one sentence. But It still does not load and i get error messages in step 5, #1.
wizzim wizzim6 years ago
Is there any damage done if I already did step 5 but it didnt work? If so can i delete it easily?
veivei6 years ago
hey i did all of the steps but i installed the IOS 38 instead of 36 and it still worked. Was it a typo?
wizzim6 years ago
Ok something i found different is this.
mine says "cIOS38 rev13".
wizzim wizzim6 years ago
>.< gah... I just need one answer Is step 5,6, or 7 necessary?
djpstunt6 years ago
hi klandathu when i try to install cios36rev13 it say error(ret-2011) the i read somebody else ask you a question about the same code you said move on to step two so i did. when i went to the ios dowgrader it just restarted the wii what do i do to fix this problem?
wizzim djpstunt6 years ago
LOL. I am just a problem-maniac, i also got that error message.
I have the same problem
jimjiber6 years ago
Thanks for this but it's not working for mii. I got the Homebrew Channel just fine but when I follow the steps above I check between each one and my system is still at 4.0E. When I attempt step 5 (above) the patching of IOS60 fails (part 15 of 15) and then preloader will not install. When I try installing preloader I get the following error: "Failed to get BOOT, current IOS(36) has the fakesign bug fixed" Any help would be much appreciated!
wizzim jimjiber6 years ago
When you do the Custom IOS 2.0 installer, what version do you do? I did the IOS36. Also when it says installing custom IOS file it gives an error message. Someone please give us an answer xD
wizzim jimjiber6 years ago
Had the same problem.
djpstunt6 years ago
i am using firmware 4.0u
deltemis6 years ago
I'm having a problem when i go to reinstall firmware 4.0 when i run it from the homebrew channel and load folder firmware 4.0, it looks as though it freezes at initializing network. i've waited for 5-10 mins each time and it doesn't change if i press any buttons at that point the screen then changes to a bunch of code and a few words show up such as Exception (DSI) occurred! followed by a bunch of code then eventually Code Dump: more random code at this point it's frozen and i can't do anything except to shut down and try again but nothing works
can this please be replied too i am having the same problem.
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