Step 9: Negative Feedback Loop

Thats an easy mod. Its the negative feedback loop wire, without it, the amp works just as well but it won't sound the same, more VOX like. Remove the purple wire from the pcb  to the speaker jack, to test if you like, unsolder it from the jack, if you don't like the sound, solder it back, if you like both sounds, you can add a spst(single pole single throw) switch, any on/off(2 lugs) switch will work, solder the purple wire to the 1st or 3rd lug of the switch and connect the 2nd lug of the switch back to the jack where you first unsoldered the wire from, drill a hole in the chasis  (drill it before soldering the switch) next to the speaker jack if you don't want the line out jack mod, if you did the mod, solder the switch next to this one.

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