Ok, so I have a dremel 300 series rotary tool and the other day I bought the multisaw attachment and failed to notice that it only could fit the dremel 400 series. I know stupid right?. Since I live in Mexico and bought the attachment in the US, returning it is not an option and to be totally honest, I was kinda pissed off that I'm obligated to buy another rotary tool in order to use the multisaw. Corporate strategy really sucks for consumers.

So in this instructable, btw my very first one. I will explain how to modify your dremel 300 to fit the XPR multisaw attachment and therefore maybe other XPR goodies.

Step 1: Identifiying the Problem at Hand.

So why doesn't the multisaw fit in the dremel 300?? it's the same diameter and everything. It's very simple really, as you can see in the first pic the multisaw has this two little keys that are supposed to fit into the dremel 400 keyways, as shown in the second pic. So our mission is to make this two symmetrical keyways as precise as possible in the dremel 300. I actually eyedball it and it worked out pretty damn good, you can go ahead and make it as close to perfection as you wish.

Next, required hardware...
Xvery clever
<p>Thanks...I just got a planer attachment on ebay and didn't know it was limited to the dremel 400 because of the same keyway problem...now, thanks to you, I have a solution.</p>
Hi, I love the idea as I have a Dremel 300 which works wonderfully and am not buying a 400 model just to fit the XPR Multisaw. So you &quot;dremeled&quot; the 300 so that the two prongs of the XPR Multisaw fits. How creative. While following your instructions it occurred to me... (don't judge me wrong, I like the mod) since there are lots of non steady hands in this world... what if we just remove the two prongs from the XPR sander? Wouldn't it be easier and wouldn't risk ruining the Dremel? Does removing the two prongs ruin the XPR Multiusaw making it unusable?<br><br>I'll just wait for your advice before I make any cuts. Your advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
The mini saw attachment has no such keys. Do you think chopping off the keys will work?
&iexcl;&iexcl;FELICITACIONES!! &iquest;C&oacute;mo no lo pens&eacute; antes?

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