Mod Your Stream Line Darts





Introduction: Mod Your Stream Line Darts

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In this istructable you will learn how to put more weight on your darts so they hurt when it hits you, and goes farther. Range: as far as the gun shoots

Step 1: Materials

What you need
1)2-3 BBs
2)Streamline dart(s)

Step 2: Preping the Dart

You know the tiny hole on the tip of the dart? Make the hole bigger
by cutting it.

Step 3: Putting the BBs In

To open the hole open the sissors and stick one blade into the hole and pull up and slide a BB in repeat to put the other BB in. (sorry 4 Blurry pic) Repeat this instructable for how many darts you want to mod.

Step 4: Done!

Place the darts into the clip of the Long Shot ar the Recon and fire!



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    same question, dam i want 1 too!

    get the radier, beterr yet get a bb gun

    sry u need 2 hands 4 this and i had 2 use my knees... lol !!!!!!!!!!!!! XDXDXDXDXDDXDDXZD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 one one

    To open the hole open the sissors and stick one blade into the hole and pull up and slide a... lol XD

    sry u need 2 hands 4 this and i had 2 use my knees

    are plastic BB ok?

    this is a very unsafe mod

    can i get nerf longshot in the uk. Cant find it any where:( :{ :*(

    does any 1 have a nerf splitfire i will trade my singled shorty maverick and 15 stefans it gets 40 ft and it shoots stock darts decentliy if you want to trade post on my page

    Its good, but there are many others like yours

    I have a recon and moded it. what you do is take it apart and seperate the plunger from the barrel. Next you use an electric drill to drill the Air Restrictor from the back. If you dont want to use an electric drill you take a relong screw driver and center it on the middle of the back of the A.R. and hammer away. You do know what an A.R. looks like right, and where it is?

    so is your nite-finder or longshot moded? i would try this but i only have like 10 of the streamline darts left out of the 18 i used to have. i have stefans to take there place but they don't work to well. i have the longshot(moded), recon(moded), target X2(super moded), maverick(moded), and a buzz bee rifle(moded) what do you have?

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    I have not modded any yet cusei dont have time or i prefer knex guns but i have: longshot, mavrike, nitefinder, recon, techtarget, that 20shotMG and the buzz be

    I have: Nite Finder, Crossfire (StrikeFire dart tag pistol), Big Bad Bow (Modified to shoot regular darts), Iron Man Magstrike, Automatic Tommy20, Double Shot, Recon, Maverick, and Reactor. All of them are modified except the Maverick.

    man i wish i posted a write up on my super moded target tech. maybe i will dig it up and do a write up kind of thing.

    I dont no but this works best with the longshot

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    Search on the following websites: I go by Capn_Tac on