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The start of this mini project of mine started out with me taking my small toolbox with me to work to work with my arudino on the overnight shift and to not fall asleep on them. Due to be coming home at three in the morning, and it being almost pitch black, I was always needing a flashlight as not to stumble over things in the driveway and porch. So I added a set of LED's to the lid with a push button on the outside so I could turn on the LED's while holding the toolbox.

Well, once I got the LED's roughed out, I thought "Why not make this a little more handy?". So I added a simple LED tester and a 5v regulator. All three systems are running in parallel with a 9v battery mounted in the lid. Sadly, I have forgotten the exist resistance used for the LED tester, but I do know it's at a good solid point so I don't fry any LED's. As for the 5v regulator, this is used for breadboard projects, and again, has the hookups in the lid, with a switch to toggle it on/off with an indicator LED as well. The design of the regulator is that of sath02 (link). And unrelated to the circuit, there was also some magnets glued into the lid so I won't lose screws. Hopefully.

I can certainly upload the schematic I used, but seeing as how this is a very "add what you need and can" type of project, I just stuck with pictures and explanations. 


audreyobscura (author)2012-12-18

that is a good idea. Can you link to sath02's project?

DoctorWoo (author)audreyobscura2012-12-18

Thanks! And I'll stick it in there.

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