hello everyone Im Knexpro15. Im kinda new to this site but I love to build with knex so made some stuff. This is not my idea but I thought it would be good to start of with so here are some stuff I added to the U.M.P.

Pin guide.
New kind of sight mount.
New sturdier handle.
New iron sights.
New stock design
I like it!
This looks interesting but what are the stats on it? (range, how much ammo does it take, what the mech is, etc...)
with the nag fully loaded it can hold 23 bullets,range is untested,and i dont know wat you mean by the mech
cool. Good mag capacity!<br>
yea thats with extended mags though usally it holds about 18
hey check out the new gun i just posted its a new never been done before innovative one
will do thx!<br>
This looks like something Heckler and Koch would sell to civilians, a fixed stock, a longer barrel, and a modified mechanism.
yeah thanks but actully the mech (besides the pin guide) isnt modified just the externals
I was talking about the pin guide, I find they (slightly) lower the rate of fire.
well i would usally agree with you but if you think about guns like the swagboss on knexinnovation thats very increases the rof but good point i find that pin guide r used for guiding the pin into the barrel for a better shot but pin guides like mine do sightly decrease the rof
I suppose, the difference is only superficial so it isn't really worth discussing. Nice modifications though.
thanks out of the 9 comments that i have gotten so far you and selzoina were the only helpful ones thanks
You're welcome, I always like helping people.
You removed everything H&amp;K about this gun. It's not a UMP anymore.
Well i guess i kinda meant that i made mods to it to make a different gun
hey hope you guys like my modded U.M.P and no hate comments this is my first gun I plan to have a knex pin guide removeable mag gun up soon rate comment and follow thx!!

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