Step 7: Transfer Files.

This took me forever. I used the wireless router for xbox but that sucked and the speed was unbelievably slow. So I just bought a long Ethernet cable and plugged one end into my router and the other end into my Carbox. I downloaded FTX which is a program that can manually connect you to a computer. In XBMC set the network connection to static and put in the address and port number, name and password. Remember them and then put them up in FTX and do connect. It should show all the drives on the hard drive. It is as easy as taking a file, be it a movie, music, or show and dragging it over to the xbox drive you desire. Also with the dvd drive You can burn dvd data disks of music and play 4gb of music off of that or even transfer the music from the dvd to the xbox hard drive.
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Royse98084 years ago
thats cool but did it destroy some of the car parts though
ikirt5 years ago
 Just wanted to add that you can also use USB sticks to transfer data to your xbox's HD or play media right from the USB stick.