Modded Version of the Morretti Sniper





Introduction: Modded Version of the Morretti Sniper

made the sniper look completly different cept the stock and definatly not the body, but i changed the cailbre (aussie spelling) to yellow rods because i heard somewhere that there better for sniping.....

but anyway, thanks to the_burrito_master, credit goes to you

ive also modded it to be more accurate, powerful (but it all comes down to how many rubber bands you put on) and better looks personally :) (dont know bout you though :P)




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    i like his far shooting rane but i don't like the frame

    love this gun post it :0

    HUGE Gun


    nice gun, i love the frame work

    Man, personally your one of the most talented builders here. Better than most I have seen. Your a modest guy your not that concerned about your reputation and your models are fantastic. You should post that M110. Anyways that just my Two-Cents. Great Gun. +5

    thanks mate :), but all i do is mod, i cant build my own gun, and i fricken hate it >:(, but thanks anyway

    I can't do so either, the only good things about my guns are the framework!

    I like to build people's guns and make them more efficient, I'm horrible at starting from scratch, but i built a lame assault rifle with a hopper loader, and made into a huge battle rifle, shooting 50+ feet. I built the killerk magnum, and got it shooting 80 feet. I'm all about efficiency I want my gun to work flawlessly!

    Ok, I did the same with the OSNJCKMA2, now it has a larger magazine, less jam, more range and a stock.

    hey brah, man you are a very gifted builder. it would be awesome if you posted your guns in instructables, no slideshows. i really want to build your guns, but all of them are in slideshows. could you start posting instructables of your guns? its all cool if you don't, i'm just saying that it would be awesome if you did. :)