Moddify speaker system!

Step 1: Required Items

wire stripper
phillips screwdriver (the one that looks like a star)

long wire (or 3-4 short, but not too short)
2 AA or AAA batterys
one 9 volt battery
or 5 LR44'S and one AA or AAA
some tape (any will do)

Step 2: Makin the system

(step one):connect the wire to the - side of the battery and ont on the positive. next take your next battery and connect one on the positive connect the wire that connects to the negitive on the first battery to the positive of the second battery.

If useing one 9 volt battery just connect one wire to the positive and one to the negitive and then just use that.

if useing LR44'S tape them all together and follow thw steps in step one.

Step 3: Connectin the system

when done makin "the system" and making sure it is taped or soldered securly and made sure there is no mistakes open your pc or speaker system and connect it to the two points (the two biggest points) and play music and test it. DO NOT SOLDER YET! I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU DO NOT SOLDER IT TO YOUR SPEAKERS IN CASE YOU MESS UP OR WANT TO CHANGE THE BATTERYS WHEN THEY ARE DEAD (AS THEY WILL BE RUNNING ALL THE TIME, UNLESS YOU MAKE A SWITCH)well anyways. nest play some music and test it see which points work for you.
iceman3442 years ago
Zuixro is right , you aren't amplifying the sound , just transporing it on you 9 v and you could ( i worst case) even destroy you pc soundcard !
moecool101 (author) 5 years ago
i should upload a vid on dis....... meh 2 lazy. (lol first instructable) JUst try it out, if u dont feel its safe enough for you then use some junk speakers or just dont try it at all.
zuixro5 years ago
Can you explain exactly what it does to make them "sound better?" So far as I can tell you are only adding DC offset which is a sure fire way to destroy a pair of speakers.
moecool101 (author)  zuixro5 years ago
by make the sound "better". this only works on a cheap set of speakers or inboard speakers. Like you said it only adds dc power to the speakers but if you keep it under 9 Volts it wont blow ur speaker (only some support over 9volts. mine does) i have tested this out and it is proven to work. basicly the PC does not transmit enough power to make your speakers work well. this technique is mainly for older PC's. Take a car for example. If you add a sub woofer and some tweeters to your car with an amplifyer it will increase the sound performance. This is basically the same thing. The Main function of an amplifyer is to make all the connections and suppply power, like 200watt car speakers sound better than 100 watt speakers. P.S. (this is my first instructable and i will be posting a video to show exactly how this works (need to get my led system workin in mi comp. need to finish wireing) i might be posting it later on in a week or so. i also have tryed to burn out mi speaker with 12 volts and nothin happened.
I see what you are getting at, but when you connect a battery to the speakers, all you are doing is transposing the waveform up, not amplifying it.

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