Picture of Modding My Little Ponies for Fun and Profit
There is a lot of fun and some money to me made my modding stuff, shoes, books, computers, anything and, weirdly, there is a lot going on in the modding scene for MLP's (My Little Ponies for the normal people).

There are two kinds of Modding which I like to call Styling and Sculpting.

Styling is taking a pony, re hairing it, re dying it and repainting the symbol to create essentially, a new kind of MLP (see image below from Minty's Custom Persuasion) http://www.cloverflowers.com

Sculpting is taking a pony, removing all the hair, and then using it to create an entirely new kind of thing, sometimes a parody (Iron Man, Jack Sparrow and many of the X Men are common features of the sculpting world) and sometimes something of your own imagining.

In this tutorial I shall be making an inbetween sort of pony, who still looks like a horse, but with many sculpting elements, a First Nations Warrior.

Step 1: Choosing and Preparing Your Pony

Picture of Choosing and Preparing Your Pony
1 pre prep.jpg
Generally, second hand or slightly damaged ponies are used for modding. Less damaged ones go for sculpting, but the damage can be as heavy as you like for sculpting, depending on how much you are changing the shape of the pony. Avoid using orginal 80's ponies as they are now rare and can go to collectors for a lot of money. Ponies can be bought new for cheap, or off ebay, which is where mine came from.

Hair: hair can simply be sheared off at the roots, though if using a new style "i turn my head" pony I like to take of the head and pull all the hair out. This is not nessesary and for this pony I didn't do it as the head was very well stuck on and I didn't feel much like slicing it off just for the sake of some roots.

This is all you really need to do, but as you can see, I also removed the markings with acetone (nail varnish remover) in order to start with a clean slate. I will also be re painting the eyes for this pony.
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cootkitten6 months ago

awesome instructable!

LadyZoolander7 months ago

"Not an expert in eye painting"? The eyes look amazing!

In the process of making one right now thanks to this instructable. I'll post pics when I'm done.

Okay all done! Made this for a friend who is in the Air-force.
Only real problem I ran into was the enamel taking a very long time to dry. But a coat of matte sealant made all tackiness go away almost immediately. :)

Thanks so much for your tutorial!

I made this from pinkie pie, her name is Watermelon Crush
14, 10:09 PM.jpg
Master978652 years ago
wow, gorgeous. what i would do is, leave the hair alone but put in curlers, a braid or whatever to it then dip it in boiled water, take out the braid or curlers and tah-dah! wavy or curled hair! then dye it, color the body and such, and that way the hair will be flowing and free, not stiff. good ible! you should post more photos of your mod ponies.
deebo833 years ago
This is awesome! You're great!
Evelyn4243 years ago
i made one a few days ago before i saw this sadly
i used a sharpie on it and didn't cut off hair
pinky2525254 years ago
I liked the second one just that the hair is CRAZY!
Neon Panda4 years ago
This sounds awsome. I so gunna try this- But do it in a harajuku style. :D
Great tut thanks. =^.^=
sashadistan (author)  Neon Panda4 years ago
Sounds cool. Please post pictures,and you're welcome
CalindaB5 years ago
Acrylic paint can be thinned with water.
sashadistan (author)  CalindaB5 years ago
Whilst this is true, model paints are designed for tiny fiddly bits and are far superior for painting on vinyl. I have found that acrylic paints (being a type of plastic) do notflex very well and areprone to chipping.
Pretty snazzy. I bet furries everywhere would jump on this(not hating on em, I'm friends with a few).
sashadistan (author)  The Ideanator5 years ago
Well that is who I mostly end up doing commissions for. Thanks very much.
I looked over at your FA site, you're fantastic with the creamics and tribal-esque stuff, me like!
sashadistan (author)  The Ideanator5 years ago
Well I am a ceramicist by trade. Although I haven't put up any new work on FA in a while. I have a show this weekend so everything is stress. Thanks very much.
lol. I hope your show goes well(and sell lots of stuff so you can have more time&money to make cool I'bles!).
Either way, there both really great! I just wish I could do something like this but its waaaayyyyy out of league :)
I have repainted a barbie doll (I gave her new hair as well). Like a lot of things, it is only hard until you try. So, go find a my little pony, rip out it's mane and tail, remove it's paint and have a go - it is fun, and you can see how you improve between makeovers.
Wow...Now to go steal some my little ponies from my sister... XP ((not really...)) now...where can i find one...
sashadistan (author)  Kidz_Creator6 years ago
ebay is an excellent source of ponies. No, don't steal them from your sister, in a few years she'll grow up and be big enough to hit you and it'll hurt (I know this). Asda is also good.
The sad thing is she IS old enough to hit me ((older actually than me!)) AND she STILL has some!?!?!?!!!
sashadistan (author)  Kidz_Creator6 years ago
oh dear...
Demon5magic6 years ago
Dude, this is so awesome! I'm gonna try and make a punk-rocker one for my dad for fathers day.
sashadistan (author)  Demon5magic6 years ago
That's the most epic present I've ever heard of - post pics!
Alright, and do you know of anywhere else that I can learn more about this and this kind of thing?
sashadistan (author)  Demon5magic6 years ago
Search the web for Custom MLP's and have a browse on the google machine. You'll find other examples.
Thanks man. Hey, I wanted to let you know I did finish the pony, but I can't find my camera at the moment so I can't take pics. I'll post up pictures when I find the camera.
alright, I found my camera, here are some pics. I think I used the wrong kind of paint because it's peeling off at the nose, and it didn't dry at all. And I couldn't find Milliput, but I did find something similar that worked fine. Overall it looks pretty bad, but it was fun and I guess it was ok for my first time. I gave it green hair, a red guitar, a silver body, tattoos on each leg that say "Rock" and "roll" and some weird red stuff all over his legs....I messed up on painting and didn't have time to paint over it...
sashadistan (author)  Demon5magic6 years ago
sounds awesome. I can't see the pics though, where did you post them? What kind of paint did you use btw?
I used Testors water based enamel paints. Now let's see if I can get the pictures up now....
and here's another one (You can see my crappy hair painting and the paint coming off...)
sashadistan (author)  Demon5magic6 years ago
I like his big eyeliner. Very cool. Hey i'm glad the instructable was put to good use and that your father's day was awesome.
sashadistan (author)  Demon5magic6 years ago
Dude. He's a rockin' first pony, you should be proud. Next time try specific water based model paints (Warhammer stuff works great). Acrylics also work, but I feel they leave too many brush marks for my liking. I think he's a great punk rocker pony...but where is his tail?
Thanks for the tip man. To be honest, I got lazy and I didn't have the time to do anything with the tail (I was leaving town to visit some friends the next day) So I just pulled it out and plugged the little hole with some of the epoxy putty. And, thank you, my dad loves it, this was an epic fathers day. Also, thank you for such an awesome instructible, I will for sure be keeping my eye out for old my little pony's whenever i'm at goodwill from now on.
oh, man, my comp won't let me upload the pics.....it might take a little while...
So awesome. I want to make a 70's punk pony.
bobhill1256 years ago
im making one emo
sashadistan (author)  bobhill1256 years ago
Oh, that could be fun, let me know how it goes.
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