Modding Stock Nerf Darts





Introduction: Modding Stock Nerf Darts

This instructable will show the proper way to mod stock nerf darts to be better.

Step 1: Materials

Get these:
Pocket knife
nerf dart
glue gun
airsoft bb

Step 2: Dart Disassembly

Rip apart the dart. Then, make the top smooth by cutting it with the pocket knife.

Step 3: Extreme Makeover: Dart Edition!

Fill empty smooth tip with hot glue. Drop in the BB. Finally, cover the BB and edge of dart with the hot glue.

Step 4: Finished!

Load and fire!



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you can also use a metal bb or a small lead fishing weight those work very well and sting when they hit

I used a lead one and they absolutely kill and to make them stay in you can rap some tape round the back of the pellet

What is that picture supposed to mean??????????????????///

where did you get that 20 shot machine gun and is it a nerf.

i got the gun at TRU and yes it is nerf.

i have1 too