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Introduction: Sweet Mod: Nerf Gun Barrel

This Instructable will seriously increase your gun's performance. If, you do it right. All you need is just a few materials and a little bit of time. There are a few better barrel mods out there, but this one is for those with a small budget. And it works pretty well, anyway.

*NOTE* I do know that this mod works with the Nerf Secret Strike and a few other micro dart guns, but PLEASE research your gun to be sure this will work.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You probably don't have to buy anything for this instructable. Most of the required materials you will already have or know somebody who does.

You will need-
A marker(the large kind) like Rose Art or something.
A highlighter(the large kind).
A pliers .(recommended)
A saw(some work better than others).
Sandpaper(not required but sanding the barrel reduces chances of leakage).

Step 2: Let's Get Started: the Marker/HI-LITER

Take your marker, first, and with your pliers remove the bottom. After doing that, take out the ink thing. Then remove the cap and(also with your pliers) remove the writing part of the marker. Throw all of this away except for the marker's main tube part. Repeat these same steps on the HI-LITER.

In this step you pretty much just take everything out of the marker and HI-LITER.

Step 3: Saw Time!

Put your marker in a vice, with the front end sticking out t'wards you. Then take your saw and saw off the front. Be as precise as you can, but ONLY saw off the front(as shown is pic).

Now set aside the marker and grab the HI-LITER. Put the HI-LITER in the vice with the front end facing you, again. Then saw of the front on the HI-LITER.

Step 4: Final Step: Return of the Saw(Jedi)

Take both your marker and HI-LITER, and then shove the marker as far into the HI-LITER as you can(shove the sawed off half of the marker into the larger half of the HI-LITER). Make a mark or note of where it stops(If you can get your marker all the way through ignore the rest). Pull the marker out, and once again saw off where the marker stopped. Now push the two together sand it off and you've built a good barrel.

Check out my next instructable on how to install the barrel you've just built.(coming in just a couple days)!

Also, I've got over 50 new(tipped and all completed) homemade darts to sell, REALLY CHEAP. Either keep 'em or sell 'em on ebay for a higher price. Just contact me Top Dog.



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    Well i dont see what the point of the highlighter is, but it does work on the secret strike, i've posted an instructable on it. https://www.instructables.com/id/nerf-secret-strike-mod/ the secret strike isnt powerful enough to shoot a stock dart out all the way, it works fine with stefans though, and 1/2 in cpvc or petg would work alot better and would probably be cheaper then buying a pack of markers..

    are the crayola barrels better than steedloaders????????

     its a clamp that holds things to tables and keeps them still

    you dont know what a vice is?!

    How do you not know what a vice is?

    A clamp that allowsw you to hold something steady, and can hold thin and thick stuff, useful for sawing.