Moded "Gorkems Sniper Rifle"





Introduction: Moded "Gorkems Sniper Rifle"

The pictures are easier to follow!

This is my first Instructable guess i am an beginner.
I spent 3 months working on this sniper rifle I couldn't do it so I made my own, I based it on gorkems though.
I just couldn't get my head around making it fire multiple bullets.The gun does not reload itself and it doest fire a string of bullets because you need to pull back the ram.
This sniper requires alot of pieces if you dont have the pieces think economically .
The gun is only good for close range as i recently tested it loses most of its energy in long flights.
If you find a step difficult write a comment on the step. I think its more powerful when I fire it one at a time
I didnt sharpen the grey knex rods because i didnt want to, but it still hurts!!!

Have a good time making it!!!!

Step 1: The Butt of the Sniper

I broke the sniper up in sections so i could show you in more detail

Step 2: The Butt of the Sniper Rifle

This is another photo of the butt

Step 3: The Butt of the Sniper Rifle

More photos on the butt

Step 4: The Butt of the Sniper Rifle

More photos of the butt

Step 5: The Butt of the Sniper Rifle

Yet more photos of the butt!

Step 6: The Butt of the Sniper Rifle

Yet more photos of u know what!

Step 7: The Butt of the Sniper Rifle

The final photo of the butt!

Step 8: Scope

This is the scope a pretty simple concept it is optional but it makes your sniper look cool

Step 9: Scope

Last photo of the scope

Step 10: The Handle

This uses alot of orange connecters up, you dont really need lots of them

Step 11: The "RAM"

This is what hits the bullet and causes it to fly out of the barrel
I had to tie two elastic bands together so it would have more accuracy and power but it would work the same with one if you can find one that is
i will explain this step in alot of detail

Step 12: The Body

The most important section of the gun pay alot of attention to it
im going to split the body into two steps.
This is a complicated step add a comment at the bottom if you are stuck

Step 13: The Body

Another section with more photos

Step 14: The Barrel

Kind of easy the string from the trigger in the previous step is attached to the secondary trigger in this step.

Step 15: The Last Piece of the Gun

This the most important and complex part of the gun and the final part

Step 16: Connecting the Gun Together

Not that difficult.The pieces of the gun are positioned where they should go ,as you can see there not fully connected .It is slighlty misplaced but you should get the point,the firing pin goes in between the two white snowflakes around the area of the barrel.There are probably some bits you dont understand post a comment and i might help you.



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    lol yer probably this gun is mainly show anyway it dont really do much..

    do u need ball joint connectors and can u replace them wif something else or not cause i dont have any

    Do you think you can bring up the power a bit?

    1 reply

    wat do u mean? lol , sling shot guns work better if ur talking about firepower but there not so good when you need to reload. also sorry m8 dont really have this gun anymore...

    sorry guys im not doin anymore of this gun i find it more fun to make other peoples guns :D, but i cant add on to this gun no more cuz,it was dismantled to make another gun about a year and a half ago so sorry guys.. :(

    how far dose it go

    yer it is sry dont think u shud build the gun its no very good

    i know its pretty complex it takes alot of time 2 show rly long

    Thanks for all ur comments, this gun was difficult for me 2 show and it dont look like a sniper it cud of had more adjusting it dont have much range it has alot of power though,i was about 11 when i showed this gun and then kinda childish feel a bit stupid now kinda thanks for looking at my gun il try and make a better 1 with proper range power and accuracy. :)

    1 reply

    yay.... HURRY UP! :P

    mate take pictures with it bit by bit man carnt understand any off it

    1 reply

    maybe doubt it though lol this gun was crap made it 2 years ago i cud of made a better one by now that cud kill but not rly that bothered

    niec mod! :D i might make it rwar

    i modded this just alittle bit to fit with the other original version but with moded crap added on. still, nice job

    this was alot easier and less-piece friendly then some other versions...and it works. thank you so much dude!