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Introduction: Shotgun-Pistol Concept

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A shotgun pistol specially designed to shoot at targets and multiple people in friendly wars thanks to its medium mag capacity and the spreading ammo. Great for indoor use and also pretty powerful. Light, small for it's power and pretty durable.
Let's go to the pros and cons:

-5-6 shots
-ammo spreads
-shoots pretty far
-very fun to use for small (indoor) wars
-5 layers thick

-reloading takes some practice if you want to do it fast
-i haven't got a trigger yet
-uses 2 broken white rods.
-more of a fun gun, not a war gun.

Trigger, better handle and mods will come.

Well, let's make this thing!

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Step 1: Make the Outside Panels

Read all image notes :)

Step 2: Make the Handle

Read all image notes :)

Step 3: Make the Insides

Read all image notes :)

Step 4: Make the Trigger

Read all image notes :)

Step 5: Add the Other Panel

Read all image notes :)

Step 6: Pin + Mag Pusher

 Read all image notes :)

Step 7: Put Rubberbands On

 Read all image notes :)

Step 8: You're Done!

Congratiulations! Have fun shooting my k'nex gun!




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    i dont like it, no trigger, not a very good design if u ask me 2*

    4 replies

    going to remake it now btw...

    :-( i could'nt find a way to make a good trigger because the first idea of this gun was a pump-action shotgun but i couldnt figure out howto make the pump... i am too busy with school and too lazy to make a trigger,

    Try something similar to how the trigger on IAC's Heavy Crossbow works. Looks like it would work nicely.

    ok, thanks... I already demolished and i'm not much on Knex right now, but if i have some time i can try ;-)

    no prob!