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Ever wanted to make models of guns? Well here's an model of an AK 47! I think its about 1/8 the real size. Other guns *coming soon* 

(I had a movie but it won't go on)

Step 1: Materials

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For this AK 47 you will need

-something to cut with
-brownish color pencil
-black marker (permanent recommended)
-paper to print out plan

Step 2: Printing the Plan

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Print out My picture of an AK 47, but print it in 5 x 7 in. cutout prints shown on image (sorry mac users I don't know how to do this on mac maybe it works on iPhoto)

To go on the Printing Wizard
make sure the photo file is JPEG, JPG, JPE or JFIF>Right click it> Select Print> Click Next> Click next> Choose Printer and click next> Select the 5 x 7 in. cutouts size> Click next> Wait for it to get ready to print> Print> Click finish

Step 3: Tracing the Stocks

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Cut out one of the pictures of the AK 47's and follow the instructions on the photos

Step 4: The Chamber, the Barrel and the Sight

Picture of The Chamber, the Barrel and the Sight

Follow the steps on the photos to make the chamber, the barrel and the sight

Step 5: The Trigger, the Trigger Guard and the Magazine

Picture of The Trigger, the Trigger Guard and the Magazine

Follow the steps

Step 6: Putting Things Together

Picture of Putting Things Together

follow the steps very closely

Step 7: Final Details

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Well it has come pretty much to an end of the Model AK 47 just color the rest


iippo (author)2010-02-18

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