Rocket Powered Tardis

While we wait for a new season of Doctor Who, why not build a Tardis??
This isn't just any Tardis, this one is rocket powered!

A rocket motor housing for model rocket engines such as A-D series Estes.
This includes transparent detachable fins for flight stability.
A parachute which ejects out of the roof of the Tardis.

Step 1: The Police Box


- Thick blue card (2mm thick). - Mine was only blue on one side, from Hobbycraft (UK)
- A cardboard tube from a cling-film or foil roll (diameter 24).
- Something for a light on top. I used a tall clear plastic push pin 
- White grease proof paper - for the windows
- CD cases - for plastic fins
- Model rocket engine and parachute (optional)


- Ruler
- Craft knife
- General purpose glue
- Dark blue permanent marker

The box

1. The first step is to create the box. This is done by cutting out a rectangle 340 mm by 150 mm. This rectangle is then folded to create a rectangular tube. See picture.
2. On the white side of the card, along the 340mm edge, starting from one end draw a line every 82mm across the card. Each of these marks is where you are going to fold. After 4 marks there should be a little left for a tab to link the card into a tube.
3. This cardboard is thick so difficult to fold. At each mark, use a knife to score through half the thickness of the card on the blue side to aid folding.
4. Where the tab section is located peal away material from the blue side of the card to reduce the thickness of the tab.
5. Use a ruler to aid folding and create a rectangular tube, gluing the tab on the inside

The roof

1. Cut out 4 roof pieces. See image.
2. Score along the tab lines
3. Glue these to the top 4 sides of the rectangular tube adjusting so that they line up and the tube is square.

The roof cap

1. Cut 2 squares of the card, 24x24 and 30x30mm and glue to a 35mm long section of the cardboard tube as shown. Make sure the blue side of the card is on the opposite side to the tube.
2. Create a cone (I used a very small piece of card) and glue to the push pin. I also used a blue permanent marker to put 4 vertical lines on the push pin. Fix this to the top of the 30x30 piece of card.
3. The roof cap should neatly slide into the top of the Tardis roof.
4. Cut a slit in the tube of the roof cap and use to shrink the tube slightly. This should allow the end to slide inside an uncut section of tube.

<p>ive seen a commercially made rocket that looks a lot like this.</p><p>have you launched it yet btw?</p>
doctor who is awesome, this is just one more doctor who model to love
Love Doctor Who! This Is Great!
Oh...! <br> <br>That's brilliant!

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