Picture of Model Rocket Display Stand - Simple
Have a model rocket you, or perhaps your child, is proud of but you don't have a way to display it?  Is it propped up awkwardly in a corner, or wedged into an upright position with some stuffed animals?  Not all rocket designs stand up well on their own, so here is a simple display stand you can quickly and easily build with basic tools.

I made this at TechShop
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Model Rocket to Display
Expended Rocket Motor
1/4" Dowel
Masking Tape
1"x6" Pine Board

Utility Knife
1/4" Drill Bit
Hot Glue Gun
Sandpaper (~150 grit)
Hand Saw

Step 2: Clean the Expended Rocket Motor

Picture of Clean the Expended Rocket Motor
3b Cleaning Motor.jpg
Scrape out the inside of the rocket motor to clear any significant residue left over from the burned propellant.  You don't have to make it perfectly clean, just remove any large debris stuck to the insides of the motor.  Here I used one end of the dowel wrapped in a paper towel to keep the mess down a little bit.  Carefully wipe up and dispose of the debris, making sure to wash your hands afterwards (you won't want to accidently get the residue in your eyes or mouth).

Step 3: Drill Out the Nozzle to Accept the Dowel

Picture of Drill Out the Nozzle to Accept the Dowel
Enlarge the motor nozzle with the 1/4" drill bit.  The nozzle is a hard clay plug with a small hole in it.  Take your time so you don't fracture and break out the whole nozzle.  If you do break out the nozzle, that's okay you can fill this end with hot glue in a later step.  The nozzle simply helps center the dowel and looks a little better intact.