Model Ship From Balsa Wood





Introduction: Model Ship From Balsa Wood

In this instructable we will show you how to make a model ship from balsa wood.

You will need:
 - balsa wood rod,
 - balsa wood thick bar,
 - balsa wood thin bar,
 - saw,
 - PVA glue,
 - sandpaper.

Step 1: Cut Out the Shape of the Ship

Mark the shape of the ship on thick balsa wood bar. The length of the ship is 9 cm. The shortest length of the triangles is 2 cm and 1.25 cm respectively.

Use saw to cut balse wood.

Use sand paper to perfect the edges.

Step 2: Cut Out the Shape of Cabins

Mark the shape of cabins on thin balsa wood bar.

The length of the cabins is 5 cm.

Use saw to cut the shape.

Step 3: Cut Out the Shape of Pipes

Mark the shape of cabins on balsa wood rod.

The length of the pipes is 2 cm.

Use saw to cut the shapes.

Step 4: Assemble the Ship

Assemble the ship with PVA glue, leave to dry for one day and you are done.



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    Haha, I like the way your ship looks. I've never worked with balsa wood on any of my model ships in bottles but I might give it a shot for a model I'm thinking of building for my nephew after my current build. Just kind of want something he can play around with outside. Thanks for posting this.