Model Train Bridge





Introduction: Model Train Bridge

Using Google Sketchup, I designed this HO scale model railroad bridge. It's based on the C&O bridge that spans the Ohio River here in Cincinnati. I downloaded a full scale train model from the library and then scaled it down to HO size. This bridge is approximately 7' long which would span approximately 500' if scaled up.

The challenge with this project is finding the right materials to construct it. The larger supports are 1/2" square, the smaller 1/4". Unfortunately, at that size, wood tends to warp over large lengths. Aluminium or perhaps plastic pieces 3D printed would be ideal.



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    I never built the model - I had trouble sourcing materials. Most 1/2" pieces of poplar have a bow to them if they're longer than 2 feet. Aluminum would probably work better.

    Hey quick question. I'm a civil engineer and have decided to start building model bridges as a hobby and want some plans to follow as a start, where did you download them from?

    Wow that sounds really cool! I actually designed this one myself by looking at a picture.

    Ah ok i thought you downloaded dimensioned drawings. I want to try a suspension bridge to start of with but struggling with dimensions. Can you post pictures of your finished model? I'd love to see it.

    You made it in google sketch up so its a 3d model so why don't you 3d print it

    You know, I hadn't thought of that! At the time, I didn't have a 3D printer, but now that I do perhaps I can revisit the project.

    Helping people is what I do

    Or you could buy scale bridge parts from micro engineering. Don't reinvent the wheel. Model railroaders have been building bridges like this since the '40s

    Love it! Voting for you!