Model a 3D Jack O' Lantern in CREO


Introduction: Model a 3D Jack O' Lantern in CREO

How to design a 3D Jack O' Lantern in PTC Creo 2.0 (or Pro Engineer, which is an older version of this CAD software)

Step 1:

1. Create center axis, a plane at 18 degrees (360/10/2) and a horizontal sketch of a vertical pumpkin slice section which edge touch the 18 degrees plane. (you should mirror the slice on the front plane)

Step 2:

2. Create a vertical sketch representing the outer edge of the pumpkin on the 18-degrees plane. The end should touch the end of the earlier created horizontal line.

Step 3:

3. Mirror the vertical sketch on the front-plane. Close the loop by adding another horizontal plane and sketch touching the top-ends of the vertical lines.

Step 4:

4. Create a boundary blend and make sure the lower horizontal line is tangent to the plane it was created on.

Step 5:

5. Pattern the boundary blend 10x around the center axis (divided by 360 degrees)

Step 6:

6. Merge the quilts, and rounds and mirror the whole around the top plane and merge again.

Step 7:

7. Add a hole in the bottom surface for the tea-light, by extruding a cut on the top-plane

Step 8:

8. Create an extrude on the front plane of the cut-out face. In this case a “smiley” I imported in sketcher from a dxf file I created earlier with Adobe Illustrator using an image downloaded from google images.

Step 9:

9. Create three copies of the same sketch on slightly different offsets from the top-plane which will become the pumpkin-stem-base.

Step 10:

10. Use these sketches to create a solid blend

Step 11:

11. Create a curved line, or several  lines on top of the stem-base by first creating new planes under different angles.

Step 12:

12. create a solid sweep using the same sketch as the top of the stem-base. I used a trajpar relation in the sketcher to have the stem diameter become smaller to the end of the trajectory.

Step 13:

13. Thicken the surface model and add rounds between the stem and pumpkin.
You can finish the model by adding some nice appearance colors and by hiding the sketch lines.
Also I have added an offset on the teeth so that these will let some light trough when 3d printed.
I have rendered the pumkin in Keyshot 4, which gives fast and realistic results when rendering a final image.

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    when making this, you should have quite some relevant previous Creo experience. If so, what is the problem?

    In step 10, how did you blend the 3 sketches so smoothly. Mine creates sharp corners and doesn't look like a stem.


    You have to create a "flower shape" in the sketches. Google image this, recreate in sketcher and it will look fabulous.

    That is so cool!