By making a model of the human skeleton students will learn the names and location of bones in the human body.

Supplies needed:

1.    White fabric (I use an old T shirt)

2.    Sharpie laundry marker

3.    Sewing machine or needle and thread

4.    Pen and paper

5.    Printer (optional)

6.    Tape

7.    Sewing pins

8.    Bottom piece of a blank disk container

9.    Polyester stuffing


Step 1: Step One

First take your white fabric and draw a front and back view of the human skeletal system. I used pictures online as an example. Try to make the front side and back side about the same size and shape. Cut your pieces out in a rectangle shape and put them together right sides facing each other. Try to match up the body parts together the best you can. Pin the pieces together and sew around the skeleton. Leave a space open at the bottom for turning and filling. Trim around the shape of your skeleton and turn right side out. Now fill with your stuffing and stitch up the open hole at the bottom.

<p>amazing!!! Made this for my science project of the skeletal system and my teacher loved it!! Thank you so much</p>

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