Introduction: Model Paint/helping Hands

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Helping hands out of recycled parts.

Step 1: Old 3D Printer Catridges

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I have a XYZ 3D printer which uses proprietary cartridges for the filament. Once they are all used up the cartridges are no good and are just recycled. However, I decided to get a little more mileage out of them by ripping them apart for parts.

Step 2: Internal Wheel

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Once you open up the cartridge container you'll find a chip and an empty wheel. Remove the wheel and you have a great place to start for a model paint stand or helping hands.

Step 3: Dry-cleaning Recycled

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Whenever I get back my dry-cleaning my suits always come on the cheap hangers which are part plastic, part cardboard and part metal. I pulled off the plastic and cardboard which gives me several lengths of solid metal to use as helping-hands arms. I cut variable lengths for use in the tool.

Step 4: Add Some Alligator Clips and Hot Clue

Picture of Add Some Alligator Clips and Hot Clue

I used alligator clips on one end of each variable length arm. I drilled a few small holes into the wheel for placement and hot clued the arms into place.

Step 5: All Done

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I use this mainly for holding 3D printed models while I paint them so they do not touch the ground and I can use a spray gun to get into all of the areas of the model. It works pretty well so far. The arms are rigid enough they do not move, but sometimes I need to bend them a little in this direction or that to allow for multiple models. Next I think I'll try to make one where the arms are retractable so I can store it easier. That and maybe add some LED lights. . .yeah I always like LED lights.


rodski (author)2015-03-19

Nice project,i suggest use a solid copper wire gauge#14,for easy bending in different angles!

neo71665 (author)rodski2015-03-19

Exactly what I use

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