Modeling a Nude





Introduction: Modeling a Nude

The nude is an alive experience.
As the model can't stay in one position for a long time. The sculptor has to go fast, with method.

Point by point, the sculptor has to see all the volume and the curves of the body. The sculpture can finally takes different looks. A vision of what the sculptor want be to share and to express.



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Questions & Answers


Seems like you may be stuck in the realism movement of art.
Given the exact same model, 4 equally skilled artists will likely produce 4 very different sculptures. Even if commisioned to produce "lifelike realism" you would find subtle nuances and differences in proportion and detail.
That being said, I have found the best way to sculpt ANY living thing is to start with a few sketches or photos. You can then rough in your sculpt without the model being present. Final form and detailing are saved for the next session.
Trying to finish a complete ANYTHING with a live model, in one pose without break, is just going to drive you bonkers.

I agree Ironsmiter point of view. I share some technics here. You can't lean everything on internet … but, to show you more of the process to make a good clay sculpture I invite you to see an other instruct : The process can be the same for making a sculpture from an alive model.