These cute little piggies can be used as ornaments, given as gifts or sold at school fetes. They are extremely easy to make and sooooo adorable. Modelling clay can be purchased at most craft stores. It does not have to be oven-bake, it just makes it quicker. If giving as gifts or selling, you can print out miniature adoption papers to go with them. Have fun and be creative!

What you will need:
• Oven-bake modelling clay (I used ‘Sculpey’)
• Toothpick
• Oven
• Baking tray
• Baking paper
• Computer and printer/pen and paper (optional)

Step 1: Preheat oven and soften clay

Picture of Preheat oven and soften clay
Preheat oven according to directions on clay packaging (usually around 130 degrees Celsius (275 degrees Fahrenheit)). Soften clay by kneeding in your hands. This makes it easier to work with.
polarluv9000 made it!1 year ago

i made ittttt!! its soooo hard


i dont have any stinky modeling clay!!!

nvm XD

Those are adorable. :) Also, I got a modeling clay Azurill, Voltorb, and Hamtaro sitting under my monitor as I type this.
mclare502 years ago
Cute! Very nice job!!
Josefine (author)  mclare502 years ago