Step 2: Cut List

Picture of Cut List
The cuts we need are broken down in the images, and minimize waste, while taking into account the "kerf" of the saw blade. Work from left to right when cutting per the references, and ALWAYS "measure TWICE, cut once." You may to view the pics full size to better see the measurement breakdown. 

From the 1x10 boards we need
6 @ 54"
9 @ 12"
6 @ 5 1/2"

From the 1x6 board we need
3 @ 25 1/2"

A note about lumber sizes: In the past I thought 2x4s were 2 inches by 4 inches, and 1x10s were 1 inch by 10 inches, boy was I wrong. I won't get into the details as to why the industry does this, but I will point out that the 1x10s are actually 3/4" by 9 1/4" and the 1x6 is actually 3/4" by 5 1/2". I found a webpage that I use to quickly reference the actual lumber sizes at the following:
I don't endorse them , or really know much about the purveyors of that website, I just know that it's a nice reference chart.