I love finding new ways to up-cycle burlap coffee sacks. A local coffee company gave me a ton of these a while back, and I still have plenty left to use up. For this project I used the Modern Clutch pattern from Upstyle. I made a few changes to accommodate to use of burlap as the main bag fabric. After completing the bag, I felt the bag looked a bit plain, so I stenciled some flowers on the front. This was a fun intermediate sewing project.

This is my first video sewing instructable. I'm not thrilled with the sound quality of my new camera. I also learned a few lessons along the way (Like don't put your tripod on the same table as your sewing machine!). Sorry for the shaking while I'm sewing. I will figure something else out next time. I hope you all enjoy my project :)

Modern Clutch Pro Pattern by Upstyle (Get it on Esty here)
6 3/4" Modern Style Purse Frames (Get it on Etsy here)
Main Fabric - Exterior of Bag - Muslin 13" x 13" and Burlap 13" x 13"
Lining Fabric - 12 5/8" x 13"
Sew-in Ultra Firm Stabilizer - Peltex 70 - 11 3/4" x 11 3/4"
Sew-in Interfacing - Pellon 40 or 50 - 12 5/8" x 13"
Coordinating Thread

Sewing Machine
Iron and Ironing Board
General Purpose Spray Adhesive
Aileen's Original Tacky Glue
Fabric Marker
Straight Sewing Pins or Clips
(Optional) Decorative Stencil of Your Choice - This is the one I used
(Optional) Masking Tape
(Optional) Matte Acrylic or Fabric Paint
(Optional) Spouncers or Stenciling Brushes

Step 1: Cut the Pattern Pieces Out of Fabric

After pressing all of your fabric to remove any wrinkles, cut the pattern pieces out of fabric. You can either pin the pattern pieces to your fabric, and then cut around each piece with scissors or you can use a rotary cutter like I did in the video.

Note: The pattern piece labeled "Main Fabric" should be cut from muslin fabric at this point. Do not cut any pattern pieces out of burlap yet.

<p>I don't have a coffee sack but I do have the burlap bag my rice came in.</p>
I'm sure that would work fine. how big is it?
<p>I am sure it is bigger than I would need. It is labeled 25 pounds.</p>
Yes, I'm sure that is big enough.

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