Introduction: Modern Decor ( Peace Tea Art )

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This is one cool piece of work when you are finished.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need... 3.) 5 by 7 inch sheets of paper 1.) pencil 1.) large eraser 1.) peace tea can This project just takes a little concentration on details!!

Step 2: Drawing Full Can

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Start by drawing the full an at a particular view. Be specific on the details.

Step 3: Drawing Partly Crunched Can

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Take you can and crush it but not all the way... About half way. Then place it at the same view point. This one is my least favorite, be sure to show the cracks in the can.

Step 4: Drawing Fully Crushed Can

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Take the partly crushed can and finish crushing it. The place in the same view at draw. This one will take a little more patience.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Matter Piece!!

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It is refrigerator ready!!! ;)


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