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Introduction: Modern End Table

In this Instructable I'll show you how to make a modern end table. It's a great skill builder as I used tapers, continuous miters, and dowel joinery.

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Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Step 2: Make the Mitered Box for the Top

The top of the end table is a mitered box. I made the box with two panel glue up.

I cut the panels to size then put a 45 degree miter along the length of each panel then used tape across the miter joints. I applied glue to the joints then rolled up the assembly.

To clamp the box I used strap clamps and ratchet straps which worked great.

Step 3: Cut the Legs and Joints for the Base

The base is made from legs and a top stretcher that are joined by miter joints. I tapered each leg on the tablesaw using a taper jig. Then I took the legs to the miter saw and cut a 40 degree miter on each leg as well as the top leg supports.

The angles together give a 10 degree splay on the legs. After the top miters are cut I trimmed the legs to 18-1/4" in length with a 10 degree bevel on the foot.

Step 4: Join and Assemble the Legs

I laid out the dowel joinery for the legs using dowel joinery.

Clamping blocks with 10 degree angles on them will allow you to clamp the legs easily.

Step 5: Cut the Aprons and Join the Sides

I cut two aprons to join the leg assemblies, using 10 degree bevels on the top and bottom.

I drilled dowels holes in the ends of the aprons and transferred the holes to the leg assembly using dowel points.

Then I drilled dowel holes in the leg assemblies and assembled the whole base using dowels, glue and clamps.

Step 6: Build the Drawer

With the base drying I built the drawer.

I used simple brad nail and glue joinery. I reinforced the joints with dowels for extra strength.

The bottom of the drawer is 1/4" plywood and glued and nailed to the bottom.

I put a 45 degree chamfer on the underside of the drawer to hide the plywood bottom.

Step 7: Cut the Drawer Front and Attach

I installed the drawer in the top with 16" drawer slides per manufacturer recommendations.

Then I cut a false drawer front and made a notched handle for it on the tablesaw.

To center and mount the drawer I used playing cards to shim the drawer then attached it to the front with screws.

Step 8: Attach the Back and Final Assembly

I cut a rabbet in the back of the table to hold a 1/4" plywood back panel. Then attached the back with brad nails.

I attached the top to the base with figure eight fasteners leaving a 3/4" overhang on the front and the back.

Step 9: Wrap Up

I'm loving the way this piece turned out and it was a great skill builder!

You can get detailed plans for this build at my website:

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    I loved this! Thanks for the inspiration, I will be trying to make something like this. Thank you!

    Beautiful work man. And I agree with battlespeed on the use of the term "modern"

    Pretty cool (although it puts me in mind of the 50s rather than "modern"). I wonder if you might consider creating a two-drawer version?

    My thought exactly, but I think that in furniture "modern" might be shorthand for Danish Modern, a style that became popular in the the US around the 50s.

    Beautiful design and great execution!!

    Great Instructable and video (As usual)!