I stumbled upon Bedrock brand Huarache sandals via the Huckberry blog. I was never really excited about Huarache sandals- I don't like the feel of thin string holding my sandal to my foot so I never bothered to try them.
Then I saw the Bedrock Huarache sandals and thought I would like them, I just didn't want to pay $45 for a pair of shoes I could quickly and easily make with materials I had at home.  I chose these for the following reasons:
1. I like the nylon webbing. I think it will be more comfortable than string
2. I like the way the Bedrock design adjusts. I think I'll be able to get my sandals to fit and feel the way I want them to
3. They are easy to repair should they break
4. The lack of leather makes them easy to wear in salt water which I am in and around quite a bit
5. I could make them quickly and easily with materials I already had at home

The design here is completely taken from Bedrock Sandals. If you would rather buy them, here is a link:

Here is what you need:
-thin posterboard- a flattened cereal box will do
-a ball-point pen
-sharp, adjustable craft knife
-a rubber cutting mat or cutting board
-tubular nylon webbing either 1/2" 5/8" or 3/4" I bought 6 feet and had less than 6 inches leftover
-2 plastic ladder locks the same width as your webbing
-Vibram or other flexible comfy soling that suits your taste
-a lighter
-something to punch holes / cut slits with. I'll be using leather punches but you can use other sharp implements
-a mallet or hammer

Optional items to make your sandals nicer:
-rotary sander
-hot knife

This project took me around an hour, not including the trip to REI to get webbing and the ladder locks
I don't know how much soling costs, my parents have a leather shop where we make leather sandals, so we had a bunch laying around. I paid less than $5 for the webbing and ladder locks.

Step 1: Tracing Your Feet

Lay out your poster paper on the floor. Trace around your feet, holding the pen as vertical as possible. Mark between the base of your big toe and the toe next to it. Then make a mark right next to your foot at the front of your heel/back of your arch on either side of both feet. 
Hi.l am from China
<p>Hi. I am from Texas :)</p>
I like your instructible but I'm confused about the name of it. Huaraches are something I always thought of as a pretty distinctive type of shoe: Mexican leather sandals that look handmade with parallel and perpendicular straps surrounding the foot. The shoes that you've made are definitely sandals, but I don't see how they could be called Huaraches.
<p>Never knew a about .</p>
Simply cool.. I ill try..
<p>did you make these yourself?</p>
Pretty cool sure will try it out!
i wish you post where we can purchase or get this rubber soling... thats one of the reasons i clicked on your instructable
Found a place to buy sheeting: <br>https://www.lunasandals.com/products/10-sole-sheet <br>They also offer a DIY sandal making kit so that you can trace your own foot yourself for $25 <br>https://www.lunasandals.com/products/5-diy-sandal-making-kit <br>More links for similar shoes you can purchase ready made: <br>https://www.lunasandals.com/ <br>http://bedrocksandals.com/ <br>http://www.invisibleshoe.com/
You can buy a very similar pair from here: <br>http://bedrocksandals.com/ <br>If you live in an area with a cobbler, you can often buy the raw material from the cobbler. Unfortunately it's really hard to find soling online unless you're buying it wholesale. I've found it before, but it took me a long time. Try a few google searches of rubber soling sheets or vibram soling sheets <br> <br>
Awesome! The sandle looks really well done :)
OK, I'm confused: you said your &quot;parents have a leather shop where we make leather sandals, so we had a bunch laying around&quot; but that doesn't look like leather... also, I bet your parents could tell you the cost!
We make leather sandals- so we have rubber soling to sole the sandals with- the rubber soling was laying around.

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