Step 5: Add Decal and Finish

Picture of Add Decal and Finish
Align decal over armoire. Slowly remove backing and working from top to bottom, apply decal. Pressing down with dull scraper/spatula, over curves, bends, and corners. Once decal is applied, with an exacto knife, cut slits where drawers separate/open; pressing in edges of cut decal into crevices using the same exacto knife or scaper.

Apply drawer pulls.


(*BONUS: I had an old mirror and spray painted those borders white as well, worked well in bedroom and kept with modern feel of room; can see in final photo)
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StoryAddict5 years ago
Fantastic! Love it.
Great job, my sister would love it. Could you tell us where we might find a similar decal.  That picture works so well with the overall look.
Maurilio66 (author)  roccopeterbilt5 years ago
I googled "audrey hepburn decal" and found several sites. I used, because they specifically listed the dimensions of the decal and I was able to compare it to the size of my furniture piece.
This came out *beautifully*. I especially love that just a hint of the decal continues on to the side. This adds great interest to the piece. Love love love. :]
sewmysoul5 years ago
 I love the way the armoire came out but the two hardest steps have to pictures making it hard to do the project.