This is a very basic overview of how to make this lamp, inspired by this red one: https://www.instructables.com/id/Universal-lamp-shade-polygon-building-kit/step5/Other-Ideas/

It was a learning experience, and I can tell that some of my choices weren't ideal. However I never got around to coming up with something better, so here you are. Also I made this 2 years ago, it might be a little vague, sorry.

Step 1: Materials

What you need: 


-Persistence and creativity to actually get this to work out how you like.
-Some electrical knowledge, or someone who has that, or some sort of kit, or an existing lamp.

-A large, bendable, translucent material that wont melt or burn. I used mylar that I found at the book store near the art campus. I bought it by the foot, and you'll need to figure out how much you need by planning out how you can cut out the pieces.
-Two-way tape or something equivalent.
-Wire - a coat hanger could work
-wire cutters
-a washer
-a socket, light bulb, cord, switch, and chain, soddering tools

Well done, you rock! Thanks very much for taking the time to make the videos and the sketch - despite several years of modular origami I found it hard to imagine what kind of shape would be folded which way. <br>I will be making this some time soon that is not 4:30 in the morning! :)
I LOVE This!!! Is there a template for it?<br>
Hello,<br><br>this is very nice, I tried it already with paper, just one problem - what is diameter of plastic circle inside which holds the shape of the lamp? As well, is mylar suitable material if e consider the heat from a bulb? Isn't it gonna burn? ;))<br><br>Thanks for nice instructable, we are gonna use it in new apartment :)
I don't have it around to check, but I want to say a diameter of about 7&quot;. When I made it, the inside piece was a rectangle longer than the inside circumference. It had enough spring in it to push out and form to the correct size. <br><br>The mylar is suitable. I looked up melting temp and they all seemed fairly high. Plus, a CFL generates very little heat, so there is not gonna be a problem. And, its really well ventilated anyway.
Looks great! I'm thinkin this would make a great desk- or floor-lamp (all of our ceiling lights have ceiling fans attached) shade. How much light does it give off? Enough to read by? Hmmm....adding a couple different colored LED's, I bet one could program an arduino to slowly rotate between colors for a really cool effect....or get a multi-position switch that manually switched colors. Hmmm...possibilities!
Fitting the pieces together in step 2 is not so clear.<br><br>Might I suggest you make another of your paper prototypes. and video how you slot the pieces together?<br><br>
finally got around to it. Don't know why I was half-assing it so much the first time.
could you upload a template for it? i'd really appreciate it. pretty nice by the way

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