Picture of Modern Geometric Lamp
This is a very basic overview of how to make this lamp, inspired by this red one: http://www.instructables.com/id/Universal-lamp-shade-polygon-building-kit/step5/Other-Ideas/

It was a learning experience, and I can tell that some of my choices weren't ideal. However I never got around to coming up with something better, so here you are. Also I made this 2 years ago, it might be a little vague, sorry.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
What you need: 


-Persistence and creativity to actually get this to work out how you like.
-Some electrical knowledge, or someone who has that, or some sort of kit, or an existing lamp.

-A large, bendable, translucent material that wont melt or burn. I used mylar that I found at the book store near the art campus. I bought it by the foot, and you'll need to figure out how much you need by planning out how you can cut out the pieces.
-Two-way tape or something equivalent.
-Wire - a coat hanger could work
-wire cutters
-a washer
-a socket, light bulb, cord, switch, and chain, soddering tools

Step 2: Making the Lamp

Picture of Making the Lamp
lamp from above.png
Here's what I did. You could change probably anything to make it your own.
I cut the mylar into 8 diamonds, each 14 inches tall, with 60 degree angles (like two equilateral triangles).
Then add slits like in the picture. Each slit ends in the very middle of the shape.**Edit. I found my page of scribbles and these are the measurements I used. **

Attach the pieces. Each top slit goes into a bottom slit. The second picture is an idea of what it will look at from the top. This is just three pieces, and you can see where the slits line up (in red). The first cross creates a cylinder, and the next two add decoration and stability.

Do step one on each piece, then step two to connect them, and step 3 to finish. At some point you connect the chain into a circle, with the pointy flaps on the outside.

In addition, I think I used double stick tape between each cylinder. I'm sure this depends on the material etc.
ellenjoelle2 years ago
Well done, you rock! Thanks very much for taking the time to make the videos and the sketch - despite several years of modular origami I found it hard to imagine what kind of shape would be folded which way.
I will be making this some time soon that is not 4:30 in the morning! :)
I LOVE This!!! Is there a template for it?
tinasab3 years ago

this is very nice, I tried it already with paper, just one problem - what is diameter of plastic circle inside which holds the shape of the lamp? As well, is mylar suitable material if e consider the heat from a bulb? Isn't it gonna burn? ;))

Thanks for nice instructable, we are gonna use it in new apartment :)
wearingpink (author)  tinasab3 years ago
I don't have it around to check, but I want to say a diameter of about 7". When I made it, the inside piece was a rectangle longer than the inside circumference. It had enough spring in it to push out and form to the correct size.

The mylar is suitable. I looked up melting temp and they all seemed fairly high. Plus, a CFL generates very little heat, so there is not gonna be a problem. And, its really well ventilated anyway.
RabidAlien3 years ago
Looks great! I'm thinkin this would make a great desk- or floor-lamp (all of our ceiling lights have ceiling fans attached) shade. How much light does it give off? Enough to read by? Hmmm....adding a couple different colored LED's, I bet one could program an arduino to slowly rotate between colors for a really cool effect....or get a multi-position switch that manually switched colors. Hmmm...possibilities!
Kiteman4 years ago
Fitting the pieces together in step 2 is not so clear.

Might I suggest you make another of your paper prototypes. and video how you slot the pieces together?

wearingpink (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
finally got around to it. Don't know why I was half-assing it so much the first time.
agil23 years ago
could you upload a template for it? i'd really appreciate it. pretty nice by the way