Picture of Modern Medusa
This year, I wanted to keep the facepaint aspect of costuming that I've worked with in the past, but try and go for a scarier approach. What better way, then by scaring the bejeezus out of people with creepy skin effects, and a snake wig that moved independently?

For this costume, I used clothes that I had around the house, including a homemade corset from a couple of years ago, some snakeskin stockings, and an older grecian-ish dress.

So, let's get down to what you'll need:
The wig:
- A bunch of rubber snakes- I used around 15- the more realistic looking, the better!
- An old wig.
- Some colored hairspray/ spraypaint.
- Fishing line and a strong needle.

The makeup:
- Red eyeliner and lipstick.
- Green, yellow, and bronze facepaint. I prefer the brand Snazaroo, because it's waterbased and will stay on forever, but when you want it to come off, it's really easy to remove!
- An old pair of fishnet stockings. Wash them first- don't be disgusting.
- Liquid latex.
- Foundation.
- Fake lashes and mascara (optional).

The rest of the costume:
- Old grecian-ish style dress that I had lying around.
- A corset that I made for myself ages ago.
- Some snakeskin print tights.

And voila! Now I'll show you how I put it all together...
dodidie1 year ago
I would've never been able to figure out the snakeskin part... Man that's so realistic looking!
sokiboi781 year ago
nice work Great job love it!
sokiboi781 year ago
nice work!
Love how you did the snakeskin!