This year, I wanted to keep the facepaint aspect of costuming that I've worked with in the past, but try and go for a scarier approach. What better way, then by scaring the bejeezus out of people with creepy skin effects, and a snake wig that moved independently?

For this costume, I used clothes that I had around the house, including a homemade corset from a couple of years ago, some snakeskin stockings, and an older grecian-ish dress.

So, let's get down to what you'll need:
The wig:
- A bunch of rubber snakes- I used around 15- the more realistic looking, the better!
- An old wig.
- Some colored hairspray/ spraypaint.
- Fishing line and a strong needle.

The makeup:
- Red eyeliner and lipstick.
- Green, yellow, and bronze facepaint. I prefer the brand Snazaroo, because it's waterbased and will stay on forever, but when you want it to come off, it's really easy to remove!
- An old pair of fishnet stockings. Wash them first- don't be disgusting.
- Liquid latex.
- Foundation.
- Fake lashes and mascara (optional).

The rest of the costume:
- Old grecian-ish style dress that I had lying around.
- A corset that I made for myself ages ago.
- Some snakeskin print tights.

And voila! Now I'll show you how I put it all together...

Step 1: Don't Wig Out- It's Just Some Snakes.

So, the wig. Pretty much the one part of this costume that screams: MEDUSA!

I took an old, cheap, black wig from one of my old costumes and basically destroyed it, then made it look good again with some snakes.

Here's how that went down:

1. I took some old colored spraypaint that I had around and formed some snakelike dreads with the hair.

2. I twisted the dreads into an updo and used bobby pins to secure them to the base of the wig.

3. I placed the snakes in a haphazard way, with the snake tails and heads sticking out everywhere.

4. For what I wanted to be the main feature of my wig, I made sure that one snakehead was hanging down at the front of the wig. For that little fellow, I strung some fishing line through his little face. I left the line long enough so that it reached down to my hand when extended. That way, all I had to do was tug on the line, and the little guy moved and freaked some folks out. I made sure to choose a picture, where you can sort of see the fishing line coming down.
I would've never been able to figure out the snakeskin part... Man that's so realistic looking!
nice work Great job love it! <br>
nice work!
Love how you did the snakeskin!

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