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    Just curious as to whether or not anyone has the original version of this 'ible saved?

    I had favorited it, but not downloaded a pdf; and now I've returned to find it gone... :(

    Cool! I'll have to try this some time. I'm thinking some little pieces of banana chips and walnuts would be good.

    Nicely done. This sounds like a good product for a lot of the game meat I harvest. Have you tasted/tested your recipe over a period of time like in 6 months, 12 months, or longer? What keeps the oil in the mixture from becoming rancid?

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    I've eaten old pemmican that was about 8-9 months old (we weren't 100% sure when we made it), and it tasted fine. It was made with elk meat and vegetable oil. That batch was not vacuum sealed but stored wrapped in wax paper, and kept in a root cellar, so I suspect the most relevant factors were the lower temperature and the darkness.

    Though I do expect that keeping it in the fridge or freezer, and vacuum sealed, is probably the absolute best, and would allow pemmican to keep for decades or longer.

    Oh, and since I neglected to mention it in my previous post, thanks for a well thought out, highly detailed, and nicely documented 'ible! This is one of the few that I see as a great model for how most 'ibles should be created!

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    The first thought that comes to my mind for an experimental pemmican is to use a mixture of beef and lamb for the meat, dried olive and bell peppers for the berries/veggies, and to try some tzadziki for the fatty binder, and adding a few greek spices... making a Gyro tasting pemmican.

    LOL, not sure why that is what popped into my head, but now I want to go get a gyro.

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    Nice, that does sound interesting. I wonder how well olives dry... and yeah, thanks for getting me in the mood for a gyro now too hahahah!