In this instructable, I'll show you the how to's of the traditional art of pysanky for the more modern, thrifty, realistic, and practical crafters who don't want to spend a ton of their money on the internet getting supplies, when they could get the same effect for much less. In total I spent, at most, 20 USD for 12 of my own pysanky egg creations. I hope I help all who read this, and please do enjoy.

*note-if you discover any tips and tricks on your own feel free to share them with me. I'll try them out, and I'll update my instructable here if I notice the same thing

Step 1: Materials

1. 1 or more eggs
2. 1 needle
3. 1-2 bowls
4. 1 pencil
5. measuring tape*
6. Kistka (I own all the sizes, but if your just learning start with the largest to get used to it.)
7. Beeswax
8. 1 box of food dye
9. vinegar*
10. 1 or more candles
11. A tray to keep your tables clean
12. Q-tips/ cotton balls
13. paper towels

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