Picture of Modern Pysanky
In this instructable, I'll show you the how to's of the traditional art of pysanky for the more modern, thrifty, realistic, and practical crafters who don't want to spend a ton of their money on the internet getting supplies, when they could get the same effect for much less. In total I spent, at most, 20 USD for 12 of my own pysanky egg creations. I hope I help all who read this, and please do enjoy.

*note-if you discover any tips and tricks on your own feel free to share them with me. I'll try them out, and I'll update my instructable here if I notice the same thing

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. 1 or more eggs
2. 1 needle
3. 1-2 bowls
4. 1 pencil
5. measuring tape*
6. Kistka (I own all the sizes, but if your just learning start with the largest to get used to it.)
7. Beeswax
8. 1 box of food dye
9. vinegar*
10. 1 or more candles
11. A tray to keep your tables clean
12. Q-tips/ cotton balls
13. paper towels

Step 2: Blowing the egg

Picture of Blowing the egg
1. Create a hole on either side of the egg with effort, and a needle.
2. Make each hole bigger than the original hole, yet make the holes correspond with the size of each side. The skinnier side of the oval gets the skinnier hole, and the same rule applies to the bigger side getting the bigger hole.
3. Take a deep, strong breath and blow into the egg on the skinny side with all your might.
4. If nothing comes out then take your needle and swivel, and poke it around in your egg thus breaking the blockage.
5. If still nothing comes out then repeat steps 2 and 3 until success finds you.
6. You may want to try a longer needle if your still having trouble, and if your really in a rut make your holes larger.
7. Blow your egg until there is no more fluid inside it.
8. Rinse under running water.
9. Blow again!