Modern Radiant Energy Antenna Simple Circuit and Setup





Introduction: Modern Radiant Energy Antenna Simple Circuit and Setup

In this instructable I'll show you how to build a simple Tesla-based antenna or radiant energy receiver and also give a diagram for a simple circuit that can work with it in the exact manner as Tesla explains in his patent.

"All peoples everywhere should have free energy sources."

-- Nikola Tesla

Step 1: Quoting Nichola Tesla

Here is a link to the patent and the quote I have taken from the patent showing in plain English that the antenna plate P needs to be insulated with some kind of insulating material to perform properly.

"C is the condenser, P the insulated plate or conducting body, which is exposed to the rays, and P' another plate or conductor, all being joined in series, as shown. The terminals T T' of the condenser are also connected to a circuit"

When trying to understand Nichola Tesla's work it is very important to read in great detail all of the patents and fully understand the meaning of all of his words.

Step 2: Materials and Tools

Materials Needed:
1 - heavy duty aluminium foil
2 - sharp cutting tool
3 - lamination papers or any other type of insulating material such as glass, a plastic sticker  ...
4 - a clothes Iron

Step 3: Let's Get Started

We need to make sure that the lamination part of the antenna is bigger than the inner metal part of the aluminium to insulate it correctly;
so we shall measure the lamination part and get a slice of aluminium big enough to fit inside the lamination papers.
After we have both of the materials, you will start marking the aluminium foil like in the pictures.

Step 4: Cutting the Aluminium Foil

Now that you have marked the aluminium foil to the specific size you need, you are ready to cut the right size piece out of that big piece of aluminium foil just like in the pictures.

Step 5: Getting Ready to Iron It All Together

Now we need to put the aluminium foil inside the lamination papers, Make sure to leave an edge of lamination all the way around the aluminium foil to insulate it completely just like in the pictures.

Step 6: Iron It All Together

This part is a little tricky. You need to cover your project with a thin towel and iron it together slowly. It takes a little bit of time this way!   You need to make sure that you get all of the air out of it. I ironed a wire into my project as well but you don't have to. You can find your own creative way to connect your wire to your antenna plate.

Step 7: The Circuit to Test the Antenna

Now that you've finished building your own Tesla style antenna plate, you can try and build the following circuit to test the antana plate.
Obviously you can scale this up to any size that you can think of (the bigger the better), using any type of materials and the same principle as this instructable.
The stricter you are with your build, the better results.

Second Part: 'the sircuit'
1 - 4 diodes of any kind (I used RL 207)
2 - a capacitor (I used 200 V - 220 uf)
3 - a soldering iron



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a simulation of AM reception from an aerial powering two inductive loads and recharging a battery...

can i use 1N4148 zener diodes and 4700uF cap.??

If your CAP is high voltage yes. It is not said but the voltage is higher when the plate is far from the ground.For the Zener make sure to have enough resistance in your circuit or use a constant current limiting diode (limit no more than 450 mA).

Be careful!

good !!! enough but more can always

How much volt will I get from this??????

it really depends on your build, i got 6V in 2 hour of it siting in the room not close to a live AC current.

this is a minimum example of potential only, it is influenced by the electrons in the surroundings.

for example the fact that the antenna ("aluminum foil") is close to the light from the light-bulb and current in the cable that are connected to AC current, it influences the antenna wirelessly with a type of magnetic pulse from the AC current.

it depends on how good you are at tweaking my example ;)

it's wrong !!! the 4 diodes (diode bridge) transvert it from AC to DC !!!

Can I use a old TV antenna? Will that work?

yes !! but a longwire or feet dipole from 2x 7,75m working better :P earth is negative above the ground is positive. How higher how more voltage you can made !!! succes 73 de PD0MV

What is the purpose of the diodes? I also think your diagram is incorrect because the current will flow right past the capacitor the way it is shown currently.