Picture of Modern Radiant Energy Antenna Simple Circuit And Setup
In this instructable I'll show you how to build a simple Tesla-based antenna or radiant energy receiver and also give a diagram for a simple circuit that can work with it in the exact manner as Tesla explains in his patent.

"All peoples everywhere should have free energy sources."

-- Nikola Tesla

Step 1: Quoting Nichola Tesla

Picture of Quoting Nichola Tesla
Here is a link to the patent and the quote I have taken from the patent showing in plain English that the antenna plate P needs to be insulated with some kind of insulating material to perform properly.

"C is the condenser, P the insulated plate or conducting body, which is exposed to the rays, and P' another plate or conductor, all being joined in series, as shown. The terminals T T' of the condenser are also connected to a circuit"

When trying to understand Nichola Tesla's work it is very important to read in great detail all of the patents and fully understand the meaning of all of his words.
KushankS19 days ago
can i use 1N4148 zener diodes and 4700uF cap.??
spynat931 month ago

can I use only ceramic compaciters for my radiant energy receiver? Or do I have to have two of the bigger compaciters also?

apexcena6 months ago

how to fix the wires with the aluminium foil pls email me at apexcena@gmail.com

GaryG47 months ago

You didn't show how to put the sircuit together---- email please----breach13@comcast.net

benji.abrams (author)  GaryG47 months ago

yes i did don't you see the scheme 2 pic

can this charge leyden jars?
benji.abrams (author)  masterbuilder7 months ago


benji.abrams (author)  masterbuilder2 years ago
i don't think it can maybe in a different setting and better materials

Can anyone explain in detail why plate P should be thinly insulated? Also, the speed of light is roughly 300,000,000 meters/second. Let's just say it's picking up a radio station at around 100mhz. The wavelength here is 3m, so let's use a 3 meter plate. Wouldn't this mean that the bottom could just be receiving a positive charge at the same time the subsequent negative half of the wave hit the top? If this were to happen, why would the positive continue through the circuit to ground rather than to the negative charge at the top which would have a greater voltage difference than ground (or could anyway), and just counteract each other. What I'm trying to ask is if the metal plate could essentially act as a buffer to neutralize the charge before it even has a chance to connect with ground?

How large would this apparatus or a similar one need to be to power say a home?
Dr.Bill2 years ago
huh. Ah crystal radio receiver with out the coil.
I have made crystal radio with just ah diode and an earphone attached to ah ground rod.
I heard the million watt Navy RTTY station up in Maine.
isetti3 years ago
i'm studying this device and found your tut really clear.
I would like to know how much Volts you can get out of it, and what otuput you're having by lifting it in open air.

There's an interesting article about this receiver, which shows how to evolve your simple setup in a more efficient device (along with a correction from Bedini - which i honestly don't understand very well):


Also, someone points out that there are better shapes and designs for the aerial plate (like piramid shaped antennas).

Anyway thanks and keep up, good work!
benji.abrams (author)  isetti2 years ago
yes i have stumbled on to that website looks promising but i am low on funds + a new job so if u can share with me i'd love to be updated
thank you for the compliment and sorry about the last answers