Modern Shave Horse,





Introduction: Modern Shave Horse,

Howdy y'all.

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    I have a similar unit that I use to de-bark branches to make walking and hiking sticks. I'm going to incorporate a couple of you ideas into it to improve it. Thanks!

    This the first time I've heard of or seen this tool. Awesome!

    thanks for an interesting instructable, and may your tools never rust.

    Well done! I have wanted one of these ever since watching one used at a Craft fair. Seeing the long wood shavings fly off of a piece of rough stock as the draw knife worked the wood, was really cool. Now by using 2 X 4 construction I can finally afford to build one! Thanks.

    What is it? what does it do?

    It is a horizontal clamp for holding wood while you work it with manual tools.

    Some examples are to rough shape green wood before using on a lathe. Making spokes for wagon wheels. Chair legs and slats. Squaring up or rounding wood with a drawknife or spokeshave. Pretty much any application where you would want both hands free while holding a workpiece that will be moved frequently.

    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU USE A POWER SAW, OR DRILL WITH A SHAVE HORSE. If your tool slips and you hit one of the two femoral arteries in your thighs you are dead, no ER no Paramedics you bleed out very quickly. However gently shaving is generally safe. Keep your tool sharp and use a light touch.

    I wish I had read your second paragraph before starting to work on my piece with a power saw... arghgghghh! (bleeds out)

    Hey thanks for posting your last words.

    Oh I see now, it souds usefull, thanks.

    Yer welcome. It is one of those odd tools that really helps seeing it in use. Cause at first it just looks like something a cowboy could use to practice roping... or a torture device.... or a really cumbersome paper weight.