Modern Wood Decor Art





Introduction: Modern Wood Decor Art

This instructable will show you how to convert deadly tree branches into beautiful Art.

The cost is prob. less than 20 bucks. Just try to find what you have at home. 

I made it at Tech shop. TechShop

Step 1: Tools

- 2 Brushes: I use one medium size brushes ( see photo) and one small brushes. Bascially, you can use any brushes you want.
- Scissor: ( Scissor is to trim the tip off ) you can use garden scissor if you dont have it, just use any scissor you have ( not the one you use in your kitchen )
- Sanding Sponge: I get this at home depot for USD 3.19
- Prime/Paint: I am lazy so I just use this Prime and paint two in one combo. It works well. The brand is Behr, you can also find it at homedepot
- Tree branches: ( I will use three of them so later I can put in my vases ) You can also pick more or less base on your needs and the size of your vase.
- Glass/Clear vase *1 

Step 2: Cut Off Buds

Step 3: Sanding Excessive

sanding tree branches

Step 4: Paint

Apply Primer/Paint to all branches, let dry, and repeat 3 times. 



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"convert deadly tree branches"
Sounds scary

Thank you Sunshiine! I saw you have so many cool stuff on your site too.. I need to spend more time to play around with this site. Its my first instructable!~~

Your gonna love this place! Welcome!