I couldn't add new pics to the other slideshow, so here's the new one with the trigger mod added.
Cred to I_A_C for inspiration/ base model.
Nice, have a look at mine; Slide action, 18 shot Trifle with KILLERK's most recent mods, and my own trigger guard on a Mezak pistol based handle.
r u seriously wearing pink socks? lol
Wow, that was completely useless.<br />
&nbsp;Were you wearing pink socks.?
Lol,<strong>NICE SOCKS!</strong> I have some just like 'em :)&nbsp;
I have loads of those types of socks. I buy 3 for &pound;5 (Im British)from New Look.
I get mine at Topman ;)
Nice! But what are the ranges?<br /> <br />
Same as original.<br />
&nbsp;lol trifle its my mums trifle ummmmmmm
Congrats, you are the first one to make a BR18 look good with that bottom part on the stock.
Whaddaya think of mine? I made the handle knexsayer-ish, so it's comfier.
The back part looks like a bumblebee hide.
I already said it's supposed to look like the school mascot. So, other than that.
Seriously, where? I never saw. So other than that, the part that diagonally connects the handle to the stock looks weird-ish.
He said it in a PM.
Oh, on the other slideshow, or maybe a PM to KSC. I know I said it! Anywho... yeah, I know, but it's I_A_C's and it makes it a ton sturdier.
sounds a little bit wierd, but actually you are right...
nice socks!
Thanks. I changed the stock to a more solid one, it shifted the centre of gravity away from the turret onto the handle which is helpful too.
If you didnt notice, he said socks :p. Or if you were just giving him info after... never mind me.
I'll never mind you ;) I did read that correctly.
Cool. Actually, mine balances almost exactly at the handle too!
Yeah, I suppose you needed less on the stock because you are using the 8 turret.
Wha? I don't really know what you mean.
only a few strengthend rods lol
Just the 8. Redesigned the stock to be filled in, so now it uses 10 of them. Only 2 are absolutely vital, I just did it because I can.
Very nice.
i think a stock this big should use the 18 or 36 turret.
This is very old. I now have like 5 BR's, and they're all better.<br />
Thanks dude, but can you please erase that comment? I don't really want people to know my name.
yeah sorry about that. well nice job!
<p>It's all good, and thanks again. I'll get some updated pictures of my newest mods within this week. I'll link you when I get it posted.</p>
Take that back.
That's because this is the other slideshow. It's on the first one. I'll add it to this one too. Do you like the trigger mod?
Yeah the trigger mod looks good
If you have a BR built, try it!
Plus, If you would have read the yellow boxes, you'd see "Creds to IAC."
I know that nis why i said take that back.
You still didn't give IAC credit...

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