Introduction: Modified Vehicle Emblem

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Turn to the dark side and convert your transportation to an imperial weapon.

Tools Required:
  1. Sandpaper
  2. Spray Paint
  3. Clear Coat Spray Paint
  4. Vinyl Sticker
This instructable will work with any car emblem and can be customized to any sticker, decal or paint color.

Step 1: Preperation

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  1. Remove the emblem then sand off the top layer.  Also sand any raised surfaces flat.  
  2. Clean off any dust and oil in preparation for painting.

Step 2: Paint and Apply Sticker

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  1. Paint the bare emblem with any color spray paint.  For best results be sure to use primer or a spray paint that includes a primer. 
  2. Measure the emblem and purchase a vinyl sticker that fits.  Ebay and Amazon have a very wide variety.  
  3. Let the paint dry and then attach the vinyl sticker.  
  4. Apply a few layers of clear coat to protect the paint and the sticker.

Step 3: Reattach

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Reattach the emblem.


sdean perkins (author)2014-01-29

Ok boys this is Cool!!!

richsmo (author)2013-10-08

Just a quick question, Could you do this with plastidip instead of spray paint so its an easily reversible modification to a car?

DualPhase (author)richsmo2013-10-08

I suppose so if its durable enough to handle thousands of komakasi bug impats. You can also get vinyl stiker kits on ebay.

Johnt007871 (author)2013-06-26

That's great, I bet you get tons of comments.

jasonfehrs (author)2013-06-24


DualPhase (author)jasonfehrs2013-06-24

Oops, where was spell check? :)

zomfibame (author)2013-06-24

I like it!
a while back I knew a few people that had replaced the emblem with "Indiglow" emblems... they light up that indigo blue/green color. It'd be cool if someone figured out a way of making one of those with this decal.

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