Step 4: Underside of pegboards

Picture of Underside of pegboards
Here's some shots of the underside of the pegboards. Medium and long zip cords are all I used to attach anything from a coil of extra cable to heavy external harddrives. They come in packs of 15-20 at hardware and home improvement stores.

I daisy-chained two power bars. Each white power bar is connected to a black power bar, which in turn is plugged into a separate wall plug-in as to not blow a fuse.
I really like this, for it keeps your workspace nice and clean. I will definitely do this with my future desk!
veeguy5 years ago
You are aware that you can buy zip ties with screw holes on the end, right?  That would have obviated the need to buy and mount pegboard under the desk top in the first place.
kahunna (author)  veeguy5 years ago
No, I was not aware of those.  So these "zip ties with screw holes" would screw into the wood desk?  That's easier said than done!  The beg board is attached to the metal frame.  Drilling into the desk would be very difficult to accomplish, especially when you add or replace electronic components.  Plus, it would decrease the resell value of the desk.
ericharper5 years ago
I hate to burst your bubble :) but all of your electrical receptacles are likely to be on the same circuit, so if the current load for everything is too much, you're going to blow a fuse (or trip a breaker) anyway. Fortunately, computer and mid range stereo equipment isn't going to draw much current anyway.
splendidus7 years ago
I really like the idea of using peg board to control wires and mount equipment. I was just wondering, how do you add wires, etc.? It seems as though it would be very tough to add new zip-ties once the desk top is in place. Do you have a good method for getting around this?
Grab a pair of pliers and put a number of creases in the end of the cable tie. Make two 90 degree angles in it, so that it looks like there is a small box on the end of it. Then you should be able to put the cable tie through on whole and with a little bit of maneuvering you should be able to get it through the other target whole. I work in a hardware store and zip tie stuff to the pegboard all the time. And this sure seems to do the trick for me. Great Idea with the peg board by the way.