I started with the Chinook helicopter from a knex instruction book then modified it to be more like a real Chinnook. I added: A ramp, fuel tanks, fake engines on the outside, machine guns and a gatling cannon. I also removed the motor as it was rubbish.
YAY CHINOOKYNESS!<br>they r my favorite heli!!<br>YAY
i completely agree hedzup456. chinooks are awesome. post instructions please this looks wicked.
i have made one, but it doesn't look like a chinook other then the back rotor
Still this chinook is the best i've seen so far. =)
chinooks dont have gatling guns ive seen one face to face
They have miniguns, I just got mixed up
One at the front, yeh but they mostly have SLR's on the back and sides
Oh, ok i am not going to change it but thanks for telling me
k! =)

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